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RV Texas Y'all Podcast Episodes

This is the place to find all of our weekly podcast episodes! Tune in and join us as we RV Texas Y'all...

Red Bay AL is Special | Travel the World in Texas | Fresh Water

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 8
We share why Red Bay, Alabama is a special place for RVers. Plus, how you can travel the world without leaving Texas, and F is for Fresh Water Tank... [Listen to Episode 8]

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Big FMCA Rallies | TX State Park Capacities | Egress

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 7
In this episode of the RV Texas Y'all Podcast, we share our experiences at the recent FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association) Convention in Perry, Georgia and our tips for attending big RV rallies. Plus, Texas State Parks expand to normal capacity and E is for Egress... [Listen to Episode 7]

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Riding Out Texas Winter Storm at Jamaica Beach RV Resort

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 6
In this episode, we visit with two of the owners of Jamaica Beach RV Resort on Galveston Island, Ron Gustafson and Aric Salois about working together in a 3-generation family-owned and operated business, what life is normally like at their destination RV resort, and the unprecedented challenges they faced during Winter Storm Uri. Plus, we share the hightlights about how we prepared for the storm, how that preparation worked out and a few things we learned along the way... [Listen to Episode 6]

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3rd Generation RV Dealer | Bigger in Texas | Dry Camping

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 5
In this episode, we sit down with our long-time friend and third generation owner of Topper's RVs, Larry Troutt III. Larry talks about what it was like growing up in the RV industry, how things have changed, and what he expects to see in the future. In our Texas Tidbit this week: Is everything REALLY bigger in Texas? And in The ABCs of RVing: D is for Dry Camping... [Listen to Episode 5]

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Texas Master Naturalist | 31 Flags Over Texas | Converters

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 4
In this episode, we introduce you to fellow RVer, Texas Master Naturalist, Park Volunteer, Certified Interpretive Guide, and Kayak Trip Leader "Ranger" Tom Shaughnessy! Tom will be joining us on future episodes to share his vast knowledge of the outdoors in a new segment we're calling "Get Outside With Ranger Tom". In our Texas Tidbit this week: 31 Flags Over Texas??? And in The ABCs of RVing: C is for Converter... [Listen to Episode 4]

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Camping Etiquette | How Christianity Came to Texas | Batteries

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 3
This week, we're talking camping etiquette: the do's and don'ts of campground behavior. From campfires to pets to parking... we share the unwritten rules that we always follow in the campground. In this week's Texas Tidbit, Stacie shares the history of how Christianity came to Texas. And in this episode's ABCs of RVing, B is for Batteries! Tom shares some tips on protecting the heart of your RV: your house batteries... [Listen to Episode 3]

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RV Buying Tips | Birth of Texas State Parks | 30 vs 50 Amps

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 2
This week, we're sharing some RV buying tips and we talk about how the RV buying experience might look a bit different this year thanks to the Pandemic. In our Texas Tidbit, we look at how the Texas State Parks got started. And we introduce a new segment: The ABCs of RVing where Tom explains the difference between 30 and 50 amps... [Listen to Episode 2]

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Meet Tom and Stacie | BLM Land in Texas??

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 1
In this episode, we share why we became RVers, our RVing experience and what inspired us to become full-time RVers. We also talk about how and why we launched RV Texas Y’all and how it has led us to start this podcast. Plus: In our Texas Tidbit segment this week, we talk BLM land in Texas... [Listen to Episode 1]

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Welcome to the RV Texas Y'all Podcast!

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Trailer
We introduce you to our new podcast and share what you can expect when you subscribe! We'll be listed soon on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and all of the other podcast directories. In the meantime, you can always listen here on our website. New to podcasts? No problem! We also share our tips for listening in this post... [Listen to our Podcast Introduction]

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