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RV Texas Y'all Podcast Episode 005

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Audio: RV Texas Y'all Podcast, Ep 5
Published February 18, 2021

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In This Episode

Recording at Toppers RVs

Larry, Stacie and Tom Recording the Podcast at Topper's RVs

In this episode, we sit down with our long-time friend and third generation owner of Topper's RVs, Larry Troutt III. Larry talks about what it was like growing up in the RV industry, how things have changed, and what he expects to see in the future. Topper's RVs is a family-owned and operated RV dealership located just northwest of Houston, Texas. The small business was started by Larry's Granddad, continued by his Dad, and now Larry. (Actually, all three generations share the same name: Larry Troutt.)

Larry also shares what it's been like owning an RV dealership during COVID, his thoughts on the future of RV shows, and what customers can expect from manufacturers and dealers going forward.

In this week's Texas Tidbit, Stacie tackles the age old saying "Everything's Bigger in Texas". Is it???

And in The ABCs of RVing: D is for Dry Camping! Tom shares a bit about boondocking.

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