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Our Posts About The RV Life

Our perpectives on the RV life, why we love it and insight on whether or not is might be right for you...

Our Full-Time RV Life Begins!

Our Full-Time RV Life Begins!
We are officially full-time RVers!! It's been a chaotic several weeks of downsizing, painting, decluttering, selling stuff, putting in new floors... but we made it! After many long days and nights, our sticks and bricks home is for sale and our full-time RV life has begun!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Our Journey to Full-Time RV Life: Major Update!

Journey to Full Time RVing Update
It's getting REAL! As y'all know, we are documenting our journey to become full-time RVers. In this video, we share an update on another major hurdle we have jumped in this lifestyle transition. We also talk about our next steps, what we're doing now and share some tips we've learned that would have made downsizing a little bit easier... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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RV Road Trip to Quitaque TX: Home of Caprock Canyons State Park and Bison Fest!

RV Road Trip to Quitaque TX
Join us on an RV road trip up to the Texas Panhandle and beautiful Caprock Canyons State Park in Quitaque, Texas! Caprock Canyons is one of our absolute favorite state parks; home of awesome views, prairie dogs and the Southern Plains Bison that make up the Official Texas State Bison Herd! While we're in Quitaque, we take in the Annual Bison Festival, meet some of the locals, and introduce you to our friend, fellow RVer and Texas artist Melany Sarafis of MelanysArt... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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RV Life: 10 Reasons Why We Are Becoming Full-Time RVers

Why We Are Going Full-Time
In this video, we answer another question that we have been getting quite a bit lately: Why do we want to sell our house, our furniture and practically everything we own to live full-time in our motorhome? That's a fair question, and one that we're sure other folks who have become full-time RVers have been asked. So here are 10 reasons why we are working to become full-time RVers... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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RV Life: Practice Makes Perfect? | Journey to Full-Time RVing, Ep. 3

Full Time RV Practice
As we prepare for full-time RV life, we take a quick trip to troubleshoot, organize and try uploading to our YouTube Channel from our RV. It's all part of our preparation for transitioning to full-time RV life. We hope you enjoy this little peek behind the scenes of one of our videos and glimpse of Brazos Bend State Park... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Our Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

In this video, we answer a few questions folks have asked us more than once. This is the first video that we have completely produced (filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube) from a state park in our motorhome. We used it to test our mobile connectivity. And... yay... it worked!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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RV Road Trip to Corpus Christi and Aransas Pass

Family Trip to Corpus Christi
In this video, we travel down the Texas Gulf Coast to Aransas Pass and Corpus Christi. We show you our RV site at Southern Oaks Luxury RV Resort in Aransas Pass and take you along for a Corpus Christi Hooks minor league baseball game at Whataburger Field and a visit to the historic USS Lexington in Corpus. And bonus: our son joins us on this trip!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Family RV Trip to Huntsville State Park

Family Trip to Huntsville
Spending time with family and friends is one of the things we love most about RVing! In this week's video, Stacie's Mom joins us on an RV trip to beautiful Huntsville State Park in the forests of East Texas for a family reunion and celebration!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Island RV Life: Galveston Road Trip!

Galveston Road Trip
Join us on an RV road trip to Galveston Island, Texas. We visit Stella Mare RV Resort, take a drive down the historic Galveston Seawall, share some of the island's fascinating history and visit one of our favorite restaurants on the island which has been serving Galveston for over 100 years!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Picking Up Our New RV! | Our Journey to Full Time RV Life, Ep. 2

Our New RV!
In this video, we take you on the road with us as we pick up our new (to us) RV! As we begin our transition from living in our suburban sticks and bricks home in the Houston area to living and traveling full time in a motorhome, we wanted to make sure we had the right RV for us to call home. So step 1 in our journey to becoming full time RVers was to find the right RV, and we did! We are super excited to show y'all our new rig... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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RV Life: Our Biggest Announcement Ever!

Our Big News!
They say one of the the best ways to improve your odds of reaching a goal is to make that goal public. So that's what we're doing in this video. After 5 years of "someday we'll do this" conversations, it's time for us to begin actively working toward our next big adventure! There's lots of good stuff coming up!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Announcing Our New IGTV Channel!

IGTV Channel Launch
Just a few days ago, Instagram launched a new addition to their network called "IGTV" (short for "Instagram TV"). This new video service is a place to watch uploaded videos (similar to YouTube), but in the vertical format that works well with phones. We've been playing around with the new IGTV over the last several days, and we think we've come up with a good way for us to bring you unique content that we aren't sharing anywhere else. Check out our very first IGTV video... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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RV Travel: Road Trip to Fort Worth

Fort Worth Road Trip
In this RV travel video, we take you behind the scenes on our road trip to Fort Worth where we visited Regency RV. Along the way, we'll pass through a few towns, see some interesting sights, visit a couple of the new secure rest stops out on the Texas highways, and talk about our new series, "Made in Texas"... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Meeting Joe and Kait Russo of "We're the Russos"!

Meeting We're the Russos
Y'all know how we love visiting with fellow RVers. RV folks are the best! An overwhelming number of people that we've met who enjoy this lifestyle are friendly, happy and willing to help and share information. Joe and Kait Russo are no exception to this rule. We've followed the Russos on their full-time RV journey almost since it began back in 2015. We were excited to get to visit with them during their recent trip to San Marcos.. [Read the Full Post]

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2018 Austin RV Expo Recap

2018 Austin RV Expo Review
Our recap and review of the 2018 Austin RV Expo. This was our first visit to this annual show held each February in downtown Austin. Our video gives you a quick tour and introduces you to a few of this year's vendors. Our write-up gives you more information on the show, who was there, what we saw and tips for future visits... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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RV Texas Y'all on The RV Show USA!

2018 Houston RV Show Review
We had a great time visiting with Alan Warren, Host of The RV Show USA on February 21, 2018. The RV Show USA is a nationally syndicated radio show focusing on the RV lifestyle. It can be heard each weekend on radio stations around the US and around the world on iHeart Radio. The show is recorded each Wednesday evening from 7-9pm CST. You can watch and interact with them while they are recording live... [See the Full Post and Listen to the Show!]

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2018 Houston RV Show Recap

2018 Houston RV Show Review
Y'all know we love RV Shows! And as Native Houstonians, we have been attending the Houston RV Show for as long as we can remember! We get a lot of questions about the RV Shows we attend, so we thought we would take the time to give you a recap of our experiences at the Houston RV Show in 2018 and offer some tips for your future visits to this show. Let us know if y'all enjoy this information or find it helpful. If you do, we'll provide similar reviews for other RV shows we attend in the future!... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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Our Year in Review: 2017

Our Year in Review 2017
Like many years, 2017 was a year of challenges and triumphs. Here's our look back at the year, places we visited, things we experienced, what we focused on in 2017 and how we are working every day to improve ourselves and RV Texas Y'all going into the new year... [Read the Full Post!]

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RVing Curveball: Not the Weekend We Expected!

Not the Weekend We Expected!
As is the case with life in general, things don't always go as planned when you're RVing. Sometimes you get a curveball that you aren't expecting. That certainly happened to us this past weekend, things didn't go at all as we expected, but we still had a great time... [Read the Full Post!]

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You Are Invited: Join the RV Texas Y'all Community!

Join Our Facebook Group!
One of the things we love most about RVing is all of the great folks we meet. RVers are always ready to share their experiences and tips on things that they've learned, great places they've stayed and must see destinations. We invite you to join the RV Texas Y'all Community on Facebook and share your experiences!... [Read the Full Post!]

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