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2020 Alliance RV Paradigm Fifth Wheel Walk Through

2020 Alliance RV Paradigm
If you have been with us for a while, then you know it's been quite a while since we have posted an RV tour. But while we were at the Houston RV Show last weekend, we came across a new RV from a brand new RV manufacturer that really stood out for us. We were really impressed by what we saw in the Alliance RV Paradigm Fifth Wheel... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: RV Tours | Fifth Wheel Tours

Finding Community Hosting a Super Bowl Party

Super Bowl Party
As full-time RVers, one of the things we get asked about all of the time is community. Do we miss having a real community? It might surprise you to hear that we actually feel a very strong sense of community on the road. This past Super Bowl is a prime example of that experience. We decided to host a Super Bowl party at our campsite and invited several folks that we have met through RVing to come hang out with us and enjoy a day of food, friends and fun... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

Tags: Camp Cooking | RV Life

Why We Love RV Shows | Wingin' It!, Ep 36

Wingin' It!, Episode 36
RV shows are a great way to see all of the latest and greatest RVs, do apples to apples comparisons of different types of campers, and learn from other RVers. And that's just the beginning! In this episode of Wingin' It! we share the reasons why we think RV Shows can be a great experience for anyone interested in RVs and the RV lifestyle. And why we always enjoy attending RV Shows... [Watch the Video!]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

RV Life Conversations: Wholesale Warranties Interviews RV Texas Y'all

Wholesale Warranties Interviews RV Texas Y'all
We had a great time sitting down to visit with Jim at Wholesale Warranties to share our RVing experience, our full-time RV adventures, some of our favorite places, and of course, BBQ! This video interview also dives a bit into why we started and our YouTube Channel, and what has surprised us most about the whole experience... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

Jeep For the Win: Why We Love This Super Bowl Commercial

Jeep for the Win!
Our favorite Super Bowl commercial this year, easily goes to Jeep, Bill Murray and Poppy the Groundhog! Y'all know we are HUGE Jeep fans. Stacie bought our Jeep Wrangler new back in 1999! But you might be surprised why this commercial makes us so happy and we felt the need to write about it... [Read the Full Post]

Downsizing to Work From the Road | Wingin' It!, Ep 35

Wingin' It!, Episode 35
What's it really like to work from the road? How possible is it really? And what about downsizing? Our friends Dave and Lorrie join us in this episode of Wingin' It! With Friends to share their experience as full-time RVers working remotely. They also give us some insight into downsizing and renovating a vintage Airstream!... [Watch the Video!]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

February 2020 Fairs, Festivals and Fun Events in Texas

February 2020 Festivals
February is Mardi Gras and rodeo season! It's also a great month to enjoy cookoffs and birding festivals. This month Texans celebrate everything from oysters to jalapenos, caves to quilts, planes, trains and juggling. And, of course, we remember the Alamo!... [See All of the February 2020 Events]

Tags: Texas Festivals | Fun Things to Do

Yellowstone National Park, Part 2: Old Faithful Upper Geyser Basin

Yellowstone National Park, Part 2
Continuing our Yellowstone adventure! It's hard to think about Yellowstone National Park without thinking about Old Faithful Geyser. We were excited to visit Old Faithful to experience it in person. But we had no idea that the Old Faithful geyser would be just a small piece of all of the amazing things there are to see in this area of the park. Do not miss exploring the Upper Geyser Basin when you visit Yellowstone National Park!... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: RV America | National Parks

Challenge Accepted! | Wingin' It!, Ep 34

Wingin' It!, Episode 34
We were recently challenged to take the 10 RV Question Challenge. Well, challenge accepted! In this post, we answer 10 questions about our experience with RVing, RV life, RV travel, and RV cooking, as well as a bonus question about our favorite RV accessories... [Watch the Video!]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

Yellowstone National Park, Part 1: Mammoth Hot Springs, Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone and More!

Yellowstone National Park, Part 1
As the first US National Park, we expected to enjoy our first visit to Yellowstone National Park. But we did not expect to be completely amazed the way that we were. This incredible park has jaw-dropping scenery and fascinating wildlife around every corner. And just when you've seen the most amazing thing you've ever seen, something else tops it! In this post: Bridge Bay Campground, the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone, Mammoth Hot Springs and more... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: RV America | National Parks

Retiring Early to Live a Dream! | Wingin' It!, Ep 33

Wingin' It!, Episode 33
This week we introduce you to our good friends and fellow travelers, Deb and Scott. Deb and Scott have recently retired early to begin their process of becoming full-time RVers and live their dream. They share what the journey to full-time RV life looks like for them, some of their challenges of downsizing and major life change, why they decided to retire early to hit the road, and what they are learning along the way... [Watch the Video!]

Tags: Wingin' It! | Interesting Folks | RV Life

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