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100+ July 2019 Fairs, Festivals and Fun Events in Texas

July 2019 Festivals
July means Summer festivals, food, music and Independence Day! Our July events list includes a lengthy list of 4th of July parades, community celebrations and fireworks shows, but it doesn't stop there! This month we list over 100 fun things to do across the Lone Star State. So get out there and have some fun!... [See All of the July 2019 Events]

Tags: Texas Festivals | Fun Things to Do

RV Product Review: Travel Berkey Water Purification System

Travel Berkey Review
About six weeks ago we bought a Travel Berkey Water Purification System for our RV and it has quickly become a must-have item for us. On our travels we've learned that water is different almost everywhere we go. Our Berkey makes it consistent and clean. In this post we talk about why we bought a Berkey, how we travel with it and our experiences so far... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: RV Tips | Product Reviews

Now What? | Wingin' It!, Ep 3

Wingin' It!, Episode 3
Well, the sticks and bricks house is sold and we are free to travel. But now what do we do? There are so many options out there that we want to see, so many places to go, so many giant balls of twine out there to find! The choices are overwhelming!... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

The Rest of the Story! | Wingin' It!, Ep 2

Wingin' It!, Episode 2
If you saw our video last Sunday, you know we sold our house and we are now officially nomads! BUT... the closing didn't go exactly as planned. So in this episode of Wingin' It, we tell you the rest of the story... what went wrong and things we learned that might help you be better prepared when you sell your house... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

There's No Turning Back Now!

There's No Turning Back!
Well folks, there's no turning back for us now! We are officially houseless, but not homeless! It's been a crazy busy week with a few challenges, but we have taken a major step in our full-time RV journey! In this video, we bring you along for our week to show you how it all came together. It's the final episode of our journey to full-time RV life, now the real adventures begin!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: Journey to Full-Time RV Life | RV Life

Wingin' It!, Episode 1: Why YouTube?

Wingin' It!, Episode 1
Welcome to the very first episode of "Wingin' It"! This is a new series that we will be publishing every Wednesday. Each week, we'll choose a topic and share our thoughts on that topic for 10 minutes. This series will be unscripted, unedited, and we may wander off on a few unexpected tangents. We'll just be wingin' it! We want it to feel like we met you at a campground and struck up a conversation... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

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