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10 Tips for Traveling with a Dog

10 Ways to Make Camping Easier
Absolutely, one of our favorite things about RVing is that our pets can travel with us! We don't have to worry about paying for boarding or asking a neighbor to take care of them while we are out of town. We just load them up in the RV and off we go to share adventures. We travel with two pets: our cat (Lilo) and our dog (Star). RVing with cats is a completely different conversation that we will share in the future. In this post, we share our top tips for RVing with a dog... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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Mission Tejas State Park: A Hidden East Texas Gem!

Mission Tejas State Park
If you are looking for a quiet, peaceful retreat in nature with some interesting history mixed in, Mission Tejas State Park is for you! One of the least visited of the Texas State Parks, this small park is miles away from the hustle and bustle of the larger parks. There are no crowds and no cell phone signals, making it the perfect place to truly get away and relax. It is definitely one of our favorite Texas State Parks! There is just one problem... [See the Full Post]

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Our Year in Review: 2017

Our Year in Review 2017
Like many years, 2017 was a year of challenges and triumphs. Here's our look back at the year, places we visited, things we experienced, what we focused on in 2017 and how we are working every day to improve ourselves and RV Texas Y'all going into the new year... [Read the Full Post!]

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2018 RV Shows in Texas

Texas RV Shows
We LOVE RV Shows! Attending an RV Show can be the perfect way to get a better idea about what might be right for you. RV Shows are also a great place to find information on campgrounds and to learn about what's new in the industry. Many shows offer educational seminars as part of their program. Here are the RV Shows in Texas in 2018:... [Read the Full List]

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How to Get the Most Out of Visiting an RV Show

Preparing for an RV Show
We've been to a LOT of RV Shows over the years! They are lots of fun, but can be overwhelming. So with prime Texas RV Show season approaching, we thought it would be helpful to build a list of some of our top tips for making the most out of your visit to an RV Show. For us it really all comes down to one word... preparation! So without further ado, here are our suggestions for helping you to prepare for the next RV show... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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50+ January 2018 Festivals and Fun Events in Texas

January 2018 Festivals in Texas
If your New Year's Resolution is to get out and explore all of Texas, your local region of the Lone Star State, or just generally enjoy life more, you've come to the right place! We're kicking off 2018 with a list of over 50 fun and interesting events from cookoffs to dance festivals, and everything in between. If your January favorite isn't on this list, be sure to let us know about it... [See All of the January Events]

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100+ December 2017 Festivals and Fun Events in Texas

December 2017 Festivals in Texas
Holiday Celebrations lead the way in December. From lighted parades and trails to holiday heritage festivals and even a USO Style Hangar Dance, December is a great time to soak in the spirit of the holidays and share some fun with family and friends... [See All of the December Events]

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10 Ways to Make Camping Easier

10 Ways to Make Camping Easier
Over the years, we've learned a lot of tips and tricks that make RV camping easier, more enjoyable and more comfortable for us. We thought we would quickly share 10 of these tips to help other folks have a more relaxing camping experience as well. From campfires to controlling bugs, here are a few things we've learned over the years that have helped to improve our RV camping experience. (And many of these tips are great for tent campers as well!)... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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Garner State Park: Most Popular State Park in Texas?

Garner State Park
Said by many people to be one of the very best state parks in Texas, we've been trying to make our way to Garner State Park for years. We have had countless folks tell us time, and time again, how much they love Garner State Park, how it is one of their favorite parks, how they return year after year to build on their decades of memories made in this park. After hearing so many glowing reviews of Garner, we were finally able to visit for ourselves. So did it live up to the hype?... [See the Full Post]

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100+ November 2017 Festivals and Fun Events in Texas

November 2017 Festivals in Texas
Welcome to November when cooler weather finally comes to Texas and ushers in prime fall festival season! Our list for November features over 100 fun events across Texas including heritage fests, food festivals, film festivals and art fairs. This month Texans celebrate everything from spinach to butterflies, books to tamales. And then the holiday festivities begin!... [See All of the November Events]

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