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RV Texas Y'all Podcast Episode 007

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Audio: RV Texas Y'all Podcast, Ep 7
Published March 24, 2021

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In This Episode

In this episode, we share our recent experience at the FMCA Convention in Perry, Georgia. (FMCA stands for Family Motorcoach Association.) The organization welcomes all types of RVs, both motorized and towable. Each year they hold 2 big rallies, which they call conventions; one in the Spring and one in the Summer.

The Perry rally was our second big FMCA rally. We attended the FMCA convention in Minot, North Dakota in August 2019. We had a great time then and we had a great time in Perry.

We share what to expect from an FMCA rally, what we enjoy most, and tips for attending a big RV rally like an FMCA convention.

In our Texas Tidbit this week, we talk about Texas State Parks returning to "normal capacity". What does that really mean, are all parks completely open and fully operational right away, and what do we expect for the coming weeks?

And in the ABCs of RVing: E is for Egress!

Mentioned In This Episode

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