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RV Texas Y'all Podcast Episode 006

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Audio: RV Texas Y'all Podcast, Ep 6
Published March 1, 2021

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In This Episode

In this episode, we visit with two of the owners of Jamaica Beach RV Resort on Galveston Island, Ron Gustafson and Aric Salois. Ron and Aric share what it's like working together in a 3-generation family-owned and operated business, what life is normally like at their destination RV resort on the Texas Gulf Coast, and the unprecedented challenges they faced during Winter Storm Uri.

We rode out the storm in our RV at Jamaica Beach RV Resort. We share the hightlights about how we prepared for the storm, how that preparation worked out and a few things we learned along the way. To see more of the details on how we prepared, the experience of being in the RV for 84 hours without power in freezing temps (and a week without potable water), and more tips for RVing in freezing weather, check out the links below.

Mentioned In This Episode

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What Life Is Normally Like at Jamaica Beach RV Resort

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Riding Out Texas Winter Storm at Jamaica Beach RV Resort

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