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Which is Better: Tiffin or Newmar?

Ahhh, the age old debates of life: potatoes vs rice, Ford vs Chevy, baseball vs football, pie vs cake, and in the motorhome community: Newmar vs Tiffin. Who builds the better motorhome? Who provides better customer service? Well friends, as folks who have owned and traveled full-time in both a Tiffin motorhome and a Newmar motorhome, we're sharing our opinions on the great Tiffin vs Newmar debate.

Watch The Video For Our Thoughts About Newmar vs Tiffin:

Video: Newmar New Aire vs Tiffin Breeze

We Forgot To Mention:

Another difference between our Tiffin Breeze and our Newmar New Aire: the leveling systems. Our Tiffin Breeze used air leveling and did not have jacks. Our Newmar New Aire has hydraulic jacks, not air leveling. The air leveling worked great on the Breeze, but the jacks add a lot more stability to the New Aire when we are at a campsite. We don't feel nearly as much movement when one of us is moving around the coach or going in and out as we did without jacks. Having said that, we'd love to have a combination of hydraulic jacks AND air leveling. That would be the best of both worlds. We sometimes have had to use leveling blocks with both coaches.

We mentioned the larger refrigerator in the New Aire. We forgot to mention that it also has a significantly larger microwave/convection oven. Both Tiffin and Newmar provided us with quality, name-brand appliances, but the sizes are larger in the New Aire.

And finally, our New Aire has a few more conveniences that we really appreciate including a grey tank flush and the ability to see all of the tank levels from inside or outside the coach. Our Breeze had a black tank flush (which the New Aire also has), but we could only monitor the tank levels from the inside.

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Video: Tiffin Paint Factory Tour

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