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Interviews with Interesting Folks

Blog posts listed here cover our visits with interesting people we've met.

Meeting Joe and Kait Russo of "We're the Russos"!

Meeting We're the Russos
Y'all know how we love visiting with fellow RVers. RV folks are the best! An overwhelming number of people that we've met who enjoy this lifestyle are friendly, happy and willing to help and share information. Joe and Kait Russo are no exception to this rule. We've followed the Russos on their full-time RV journey almost since it began back in 2015. We were excited to get to visit with them during their recent trip to San Marcos.. [Read the Full Post]

Tags: Interesting Folks | RV Life

Meet the Findeisen Family: Organic, Sustainable Farmers at Erbe Ranch

Brian and Carter of Erbe Ranch
We met the Findeisen Family at the Fulshear Farmers Market quite a while ago. We enjoy shopping at Farmers Markets as much for the interesting folks that we meet as for the fresh, organic food. Brian and Nicole, along with sons Carter and Daniel, took an unconventional route to becoming organic, sustainable farmers. They found the life they were searching for by getting back to their roots, and as Carter says, "It all started with a chicken in a tree"... [Read the full post]

Tags: Interesting Folks | Farmers' Markets

Interesting Folks: World Record Holder Steve The Grape Guy Spalding, Dallas TX

Steve the Grape Guy
Steve "The Grape Guy" Spalding is a close friend of Tom's from their college days at Blinn Jr College and Sam Houston State University. It was during their time in college that the guys realized Steve had excellent "mouth-eye" coordination and began challenging him to catch things that they threw at him using only his mouth. So far, Steve has set 4 World Records in Grape Catching!... [Read the full post]

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