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The Thing Every Motorhome Owner Fears Happened To Us

We've all seen the videos of Class A motorhomes cruising down the highway when the unthinkable happens... a front steer tire blows out! Usually the video shows the motorhome losing control, veering off of the road and sometimes flipping. At the very least, there is often significant damage. Like other RVers, a front tire failure has always been one of our biggest fears. Until now...

Watch This Episode:

Video: Class A Motorhome Steering Tire Blowout... Here's What Happened

We Did Everything To Avoid A Tire Blowout

We make maintenance a number one priority for everything related to our RV, especially anything involving safety. We constantly monitor our tire pressure using a tire pressure monitoring system. We know our RV's weight and weight distribution and set the tire pressures accordingly. And we keep a watchful eye on the conditions of all of our tires. Even with all of this, the blowout still happened. You just can't control everything.

Mentioned In This Video

Lone Star Tire and Lube

National Indoor RV Center


Video: Our Most Important Safety Upgrades - Our Rettroband Install

Video: Rettroband Test On New Entegra Cornerstone

More On Tires

We mentioned in the video that these tires are not always easy to find. Unlike automobile tires, RV tires often take a bit of time to locate. Luckily, we had already planned to spend a few days in the area.

Before they installed the new tire, we checked the tire manufacture date to make sure that it was truly a new tire. The date is imprinted on the sidewall of every tire as the week and year of build.

Motorhome Front Tire Blowout | RV Texas Y'all

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