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In RV Life, You Never Know Who You'll Be Parked Next To...

One of the adventures of RV life is that you just never know who you will be parked next to! As full time RVers, our neighbors change almost every day. And one of the things we love most about the RVing lifestyle are all of the great people that we get to meet in the RV parks and campgrounds.

We hear from a lot of folks who recognize our motorhome (a red, white and blue Newmar New Aire) immediately when they see it. There aren't many folks out there who have an RV as recognizable as ours. But... then one day in Moab... a big white, green and black rig parked in the site next to us pulled by a big black truck with green accents. And there, on the front of the Grand Design fifth wheel was the logo... our new neighbors were Todd and Sheila from Switch it Up!

While we were all crazy busy exploring the hugely long list of things to do in the Moab area, we didn't have a lot of time to spend together. But... Todd and Sheila were nice enough to take time out of their morning (on the morning we were all leaving) to join us for this episode of Wingin' It! With Friends!

As full time RVers since January 2021, Todd and Sheila share how they became RVers, why they decided to Switch It Up and travel full time, how their plans have changed over their first year plus living in the RV full time, what type of RV they live in, why they chose the RV that they own, why they became content creators and how that impacts their travel choices.

Watch This Episode of Wingin' It! With Friends

Video: Wingin' It! With Switch It Up

We had a fantastic time visiting with Todd and Sheila and look forward to crossing paths again with them in the future.

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And By The Way... Their Name Has A Deeper Meaning

S - Seize The Moment

W - With No Regrets

I - Intentional Living

T - Travel More

C - Chase The Dream

H - Help Others

And that pretty much sums up what full-time RV living is all about, doesn't it?

Until Next Time!

Thanks for Wingin' It with us Todd and Sheila! Safe travels until our paths cross again.

Switch It Up! | RV Texas Y'all

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Safe Travels and Happy Camping!