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Answers to Some Questions We Hear A Lot:

Video: Frequently Asked Questions, Episode 1

In this video, we answer a few questions folks have asked us more than once. This is the first video that we have completely produced (filmed, edited and uploaded to YouTube) from a state park in our motorhome. We used it to test our mobile connectivity. And... yay... it worked! It took us longer to publish than it would have at home, but we expected that working from a park with no wi-fi and a rather weak signal. But we were able to upload our video successfully using our mobile hotspot and we learned a lot in the process! Just another step in our journey to full-time RV life!

Questions we answer in this video:

What are our favorite state parks and why?

Where did we get our seat covers?

How did RV Texas Y'all get started?

Links we mention in this video:

Melany's Art

El Camino Real

Aegis Auto Accessories

Links to our write-ups that we mention:

Caprock Canyons State Park

Mission Tejas State Park

Garner State Park

Goliad State Park and Historical Site

Presidio La Bahia

RV Shows in Texas

RV Shows Across the USA

Texas Festivals, Fairs and Fun Events

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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions: Texas State Parks, Our Motorhome, RV Texas Y'all |

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