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Reasons to Consider Buying an RV

Blog posts listed here cover why we choose to travel by RV.

Our Favorite Thing About RVing | Wingin' It!, Ep 55

RV Folks Rock!
There are a lot of things we love about RV life. We love spending time in nature. We love road trip travels. We love exploring new places. We love that our house is always with us. But, perhaps our favorite thing about RV life is people. The people we meet in campgrounds and RV parks are amazing folks. So, today's Wingin' It! is dedicated to all of the amazing folks we've met and those that we hope to cross paths with in the future. RVers ROCK y'all!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Why RV? No Bed Bugs!
I remember my Mom tucking me in as a kid and saying, "Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" I always thought that was a harmless, funny little goodnight wish. Funny, that is, until the recent stories on the increasing prevalence of bed bugs in hotel and motel rooms... [Read the full post]
Why RV? Flee the Fees!
So you want to take a vacation? Great! After hours of searching online, you think you've found the a flight you can live with, a rental car to get around once you arrive, and a hotel that looks okay all for a decent price. You start to break into your happy dance... but then you see the fees! Wait...WHAT?? [Read the full post]