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Reasons to Consider Buying an RV

Blog posts listed here cover why we choose to travel by RV.

Why RV? No Bed Bugs!
I remember my Mom tucking me in as a kid and saying, "Sleep tight. Don't let the bed bugs bite!" I always thought that was a harmless, funny little goodnight wish. Funny, that is, until the recent stories on the increasing prevalence of bed bugs in hotel and motel rooms... [Read the full post]
Why RV? Flee the Fees!
So you want to take a vacation? Great! After hours of searching online, you think you've found the a flight you can live with, a rental car to get around once you arrive, and a hotel that looks okay all for a decent price. You start to break into your happy dance... but then you see the fees! Wait...WHAT?? [Read the full post]