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Meet Our Friends at Erbe Ranch!

Brian Findeisen and His Son, Carter, Tell the Story of their Sustainable Family Farm

One of the things we love most about RVing are all of the interesting people that we get to meet along the way. But that doesn't just happen while RVing. We met the Findeisen Family at the Fulshear Farmers Market quite a while ago. We enjoy shopping at Farmers Markets as much for the interesting folks that we meet as for the fresh, organic food. (In fact, we're building a list of Texas Farmers Markets. Make sure you check it out and leave us a comment about your favorite markets!) Anyway, back to the Findeisen Family...

Brian and Nicole Findeisen, along with their sons, Carter and Daniel, are the owners and operators of Erbe Ranch in Cat Spring, Texas. Their ranch is an organic, sustainable farm producing grass-fed beef, pastured pork and free-roaming chickens. Everything we have bought from them is top quality and delicious. We have never been disappointed. But what we love about Erbe Ranch even more than the meat it produces is the story behind it. Over time, we've learned little bits and pieces about the Findeisen Family through conversations at the farmers markets. We thought you'd be interested in learning a little bit about them...

You Never Know Where Life Will Lead You

Just a few years ago, the Findeisen Family was living north of Austin. Nicole Findeisen is a civil engineer and Brian is a microbiologist/chemist. Along the way, they began rethinking their hectic schedules and city life. Their son, Carter, says the family's path to farm life "all started with a chicken in a tree". (He tells the story in the video above; be sure you watch for it!). I guess one chicken led to another, and the next thing the family knew they had sold their home and moved to the family farm in Cat Spring, Texas.

Brian and Carter of Erbe Ranch

Brian and Carter of Erbe Ranch at the Fulshear Farmers Market

Getting Back To Their Roots

The land in Cat Spring the Findeisens now call home has been farmed by Brian's family for over 130 years, making it a Texas Century Ranch as certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture. His father ran a commercial cattle farm, but Brian and Nicole wanted to get back to basics. They have developed Erbe Ranch naturally, using sustainable farming techniques to build up the quality of the soil and clean the natural spring water that fills their ponds. The animals that they raise -- cattle, pigs and poultry -- live a natural life out on the pastures, each contributing to the land. Every animal is considered a member of the family and the entire Findeisen Family work to make sure their animals are healthy and happy during their time on the ranch. Their sons, Carter and Daniel, play an active role in caring for the animals, a life which they clearly love. All you have to do is speak with Carter for a minute to see the excitement in his eyes when he's talking about his farm, and especially his chickens.

Though they may have taken an unconventional approach to becoming sustainable, organic farmers, the Findeisens have found the life they dreamed of (even if they never knew it) by living life the way their ancestors did, and on the same land. They work hard seven days a week, but as Carter says, "It's worth it."

Carter's Chickens and Other Erbe Ranch Residents...

The chickens at Erbe Ranch eat only organic, non-GMO feed from Elgin, Texas. The way the Findeisens describe it, the chickens "are free to express their natural chickeness" on the pasture 24-hours a day. They also have portable houses that are moved to fresh pastures regularly. Like the chickens, the Erbe Ranch pigs live life expressing their "natural piginess" out on the pasture. The cattle are all born on the family's farm; the original cattle were bought from another grass-fed ranch. Like the other animals, they are rotated amongst pastures to avoid overgrazing. All of the Erbe Ranch residents have shelter in bad weather and are not given any growth hormones or unnecessary antibiotics. They are raised on the farm naturally. The goal of Erbe Ranch is to provide top-quality, natural meats for their family, friends and customers, all while preserving the natural resources of their family's land.

Get More Information About Erbe Ranch

Check out the Erbe Ranch website: to learn more about the ranch, the Findeisens and (our favorite section) the Farm Animal of the Week. You can also find Erbe Ranch on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As of the writing of this post, you can find them at the Energy Corridor Farmers' Market in Houston and the Fulshear Farmers Market every Saturday, and at the Farmers Market at Bridgeland in Cypress TX on the second Sunday of each month. Be sure to check our list of Farmers Markets for the locations and times of these markets. Stop by their booth early to say hello and to get the best selection!

Thank you to Brian and Carter for taking the time to speak with us on camera, and to the entire Findeisen Family for allowing us to share their story. We appreciate y'all!


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