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Meet Our New Friends Raven and Chickadee!

Video: 6 Years of Full Time RV Adventures: It's All About the Journey

In this episode, we introduce you to our new friends, Eric and Laurel, who have been enjoying life as full-time RVers for 6 years! In that time, they have traveled from coast-to-coast across the US and Canada and have checked a lot of boxes on their original bucket list. But they've also discovered a whole new list of things they want to see and do! They share their travels on their blog: We really enjoy their stories and photos.

We were camped next to Eric and Laurel on our recent trip to Galveston, and they were nice enough to invite us into their home on wheels to discuss life on the road, why they became full-time RVers, their favorite things about full-time RVing, challenges they have faced living the RV life and why it's all about the journey.

Like so many other RVers we've met on the road, Eric and Laurel are GREAT folks! Please check out and follow their blog: And if you see them out on the road, tell them we said "Hi!" We look forward to visiting with Eric and Laurel again soon.

It's All About The Journey! | | We visit with our new friends Eric and Laurel, AKA Raven and Chickadee, about their 6 years as full-time RVers. What inspires them, challenges they've faced and why they love living on the road.

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