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Wingin' It!, Episode 41:

All In On RV Life

Video: All In On RV Living | Wingin' It!, Ep 41

As you are traveling, be sure to spend time outside. Walk around. Talk to your neighbors. You just never know who else is in the campground or RV park. We meet some of the most interesting folks this way.

We've recently had a chance to be parked next to Mike and Robin. They've been fantastic neighbors and we've had so much fun getting to know them. As we learned their story, we knew we had to share it with you. They are truly "all in" and completely invested in the RV lifestyle.

After 25 years of tent camping with their 8 children, Mike and Robin became RVers and fell in love with the lifestyle and the time that they got to spend with their children and grandchildren in campgrounds. They loved the life so much, that following retirement from Ford, they bought a KOA campground with their son and daughter in law. The family business (which also includes their youngest son) has allowed them to put all of the knowledge they've learned as campers and RVers to work for other travelers.

In this episode of Wingin' It!, Robin and Mike share their love for RVing, what it's like to be a family-owned and operated campground, and how they like to travel in their off-season.

Please make sure to check out their campground when you are traveling in Michigan, and tell them we said "Hi!". We can't wait to visit their place and see it for ourselves. Their excitement about it is contagious.

You can find them at Oscoda / Tawas KOA, 3591 Forest Road, Oscoda, Michigan 48750. The campground's phone number is 989.739.5115. You can also follow them on Facebook: Oscoda / Tawas KOA Holiday.

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All In On RV Living |

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