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Meet Our Friend The Grape Guy!

Interesting Folks: World Record Holder Steve "The Grape Guy" Spalding

Steve "The Grape Guy" Spalding is a close friend of Tom's from their college days at Blinn Jr College and Sam Houston State University. It was during their time in college that the guys realized Steve had excellent "mouth-eye" coordination and began challenging him to catch things that they threw at him using only his mouth.

So far, Steve has set 4 World Records in Grape Catching! His unique skill has put him on TV shows and taken him around the world. He is a Native Texan and lives in the Dallas area.

We filmed this video with Steve "The Grape Guy" during our visit to Mountain Breeze Campground on the Guadalupe River in New Braunfels, Texas. (watch our channel for a video tour of the campground coming soon)

Check out Steve's website:
If you have any questions for Steve, leave a comment and we'll make sure he sees it.

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