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What It Was Like Living In An RV During A Serious Winter Storm

Video: Historic Winter Storm in Texas

No matter how much you try to avoid inclement weather as an RVer, sometimes it finds you. An historic winter storm has blanketed all of Texas in below freezing temperatures, ice and snow. And yes, that extends to the normally warm Texas Gulf Coast.

In this video, we share what it has been like for an RVer in a winter storm, riding out the sub-freezing days and nights here at Jamaica Beach RV Resort on Galveston Island. We share a basic timeline of events, challenges faced by RVers on the island, and what the community here has done to survive the bitter cold without power, water or other normal amenities.

20 degrees might not be cold for some of our viewers, but for folks down here, it is a really big deal! We certainly never expected to see snow in Galveston or dry camp at an RV resort... but here we are thanks to Winter Storm Uri. (apparently it has a name??)

If you missed our video post on how we prepared our RV for the approaching winter storm and freezing temperatures, you can watch it here: Preparing Our RV For A Winter Storm.

This storm was certainly an unexpected change of pace from our normal winter experiences down here at Jamaica Beach! But we've definitely learned that, in this life, you have to expect the unexpected! If we had to be stuck somewhere in a deep freeze, we're glad it was with the awesome community of folks here at Jamaica Beach RV Resort! Everyone came together, neighbor helping neighbor. And, as always, the Gustafson/Salois Family stepped up big for everyone. You've heard us say it before, we love those guys!

Next up: we'll be Wingin' It! more about our personal experience with the storm, how our preparation worked out, what we would do next time and how we fared compared to our family and friends in sticks and bricks homes.