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Galveston, Texas - Gulf Coast Texas Region

Hidden Gems: La King's Confectionery in Galveston, Texas

Located in a building constructed in the mid-1800s on the Historic Galveston Strand, La King's Confectionery is a MUST VISIT for us every time we go to Galveston, Texas. A trip through their doors is a step back in time with a functioning soda fountain that dates to the 1920s, Texas' original ice cream, and a candy making kitchen that uses 19th century techniques and equipment from more than a century ago.

At La King's you can enjoy Purity ice cream which is the first ice cream manufactured in Texas. It was first produced on Galveston Island in 1889! Today, La King's makes Purity ice cream on the third floor of their building, and always has plenty of flavors to choose from in their shop on the first floor. Our favorite ice cream treats here are the malts and ice cream floats. But who are we kidding? It's ALL good!

Also worth the stop: La King's homemade candy, fudge, peanut brittle... They have an extensive line of display cases on the right side of the confectionery where you can browse all of the candy that they make. Like the ice cream, their candy is made fresh and on-site using old-fashioned recipes, techniques and equipment. Often, you can watch the candy makers at work producing old fashioned ribbon candy or an island favorite, saltwater taffy! Watching them create the candy is interesting, but the best part are the samples that the candy maker tosses out to onlookers!

Since 1976, La King's Confectionery has been located in the Historic Galveston Strand District. You can find them at 2323 Strand Street, Galveston TX 77550. Absolutely, put La King's on your list of places to visit when you're in Galveston!

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