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How We Prepared Our RV for Freezing Temps

Video: Preparing the RV for the Winter Blast!

As full-time RVers, we do our best to chase nice weather and avoid extreme temperatures, but sometimes they find us. A potentially historic winter storm is headed toward us on Galveston Island on the Texas Gulf Coast. Forecasts call for temperatures down to 20 degrees, ice and maybe even snow!

In this video, we share what we are doing to prepare our RV for this very unusual Arctic Blast!

Tips For Preparing An RV For Below Freezing Temperatures

Since we are living in our RV and will be in it during the hard freeze, here are some of the steps we took to prepare...

  • Sanitize the Fresh Water Tank and Fill with Fresh Water
  • Check the Water Pump
  • Test Any Heating Appliances (like furnaces)
  • Fill Propane Tank
  • Plug in Engine Heater
  • Make Sure the Generator Works

We walk through all of the steps we went through to prepare for the winter storm in the video at the top of the page. We also did many of the steps in a very specific order and we explain why we chose the order that we did.

We'll let you know how it all worked out in future posts. Stay warm!