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Side Trip Sundays!, Episode 1: Hidden Gems in Houston

Video: Houston Hidden Gems

We believe that the journey is the destination. And Side Trips are a big part of the journey! Finding those fun, interesting, sometimes quirky places that are unique to the area we are visiting makes the visit much more memorable. In fact, in our opinion, Side Trip excursions that have us still talking about the experience hours and days later are what make the journey unforgettable!

In Episode 1 of our new video series, Side Trip Sundays, we visit 3 hidden gems in Houston, Texas (our hometown). We would bet that most Houstonians have never explored these! So join us as we explore:

  • The Printing Museum,
  • the Buffalo Bayou Cistern,
  • and a must see for all Texas or Houston history buffs: Founder's Memorial Cemetery.

Plus, we take you along to one of our favorite Houston restaurants, Niko Niko's!

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Hidden Gems in Houston TX |

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