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Visiting an Event On Our Texas Hill Country Bucket List

We've had our eye on the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off for a number of years. And we are so excited that the event fit into our travel schedule this year! In fact, we built this leg of our travel plans around being near Llano during the cookoff. And it did NOT disappoint

Watch This Side Trip Sunday

Video: Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off

We absolutely loved our day at the Llano cook-off. It made us want to find more chuckwagon cookoffs to visit.

Since 2005, chuck wagon cooks have been gathering on the banks of the Llano River in the town of Llano, Texas to share their love of cooking using traditional tools and equipment. The Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook-Off is a fun way to spend the day, eat good food and meet some fantastic people. Put it on your list to attend while you are traveling in the Texas Hill Country in the spring.

Competing teams come from all around. They are judged on authenticity and their food. We really enjoyed the food and the conversations we had with the cooks.

Beautiful Day at the Cook Off

Beautiful Day On The Llano River

Tips for Visiting the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cook Off

Tickets for this fun annual event are sold via phone through the Llano Chamber of Commerce.

Future dates for the event and ticket information can be found on the Llano River Chuck Wagon Cookoff website.

Pay attention to the dates for ticket sales... they sell out before the event.

On the day of the event, arrive early! Lunch was served at High Noon, but we arrived at 10am. This allowed us to beat the crowd, find parking easily and watch as the cooks worked.

Parking is free and so is the event!

If you buy a ticket from the Chamber of Commerce before the event, you'll get to eat a meal from one of the competing chuck wagons. (You definitely want to eat!)

The meal during our visit included chicken fried steak, potatoes, beans, rolls and peach cobbler. So good!

More About Llano, Texas

Llano is located on the Llano River in the beautiful Texas Hill Country. When we came to Llano for the Chuck Wagon Cookoff, we realized there is a lot to see and do in this small town of approximately 3,500 folks. We'll share more of the fun we had in Llano in a future post and video. Stay tuned!