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Our Journey to Full Time RV Life, Episode 5:

Video: Our Journey to Full Time RV Life: Major Update!

It's getting REAL! As y'all know, we are documenting our journey to become full-time RVers. In this video, we share an update on another major hurdle we have jumped in this lifestyle transition. We also talk about our next steps, what we're doing now and share some tips we've learned that would have made downsizing a little bit easier.

Back in 2004, we started our own direct mail marketing company. It has always been, as we intended it to be, a Mom and Pop shop. When we decided that now was the right time to transition to full-time RV life, we knew we would not physically be able to address postcards from our RV (we used quite a bit of equipment in our business that would never fit into our motorhome). It was important to us that our customers would be taken care of even if we were no longer actually addressing their mail. We are excited to have signed an agreement to sell our business to a privately owned Houston company that provides all types of print, mail and fullfillment services, as well as promotional products. We will be working with them over the next couple of years to transition our customers, and will be happy to introduce you if you need assistance in any of these areas. If you'd like more information, please email us!

So now that we have sold our business, we are working downsize as quickly as possible. We are working on selling just about everything in our house, and are beginning to get it ready to go on the market. We hope this stage moves quickly so that we can be living our full-time RV dream soon! But, we will tell y'all: this downsizing thing is no joke! It can be overwhelming and stressful. If you are considering downsizing in the future, our best advice would be to start now! Doing a little bit at a time would make this process easier.

Even though our lives are chaotic right now, we are keeping our eyes on the prize. Once the downsizing is complete, we'll be living a life of freedom on the road and actually experiencing life. We won't be retired, but we will be living... and that is pretty exciting! And maybe even more exciting... we'll be taking all of y'all along on the journey! So stay tuned!

We hope that you enjoyed this video update on our journey into full-time RV life. To make sure you see all of our videos as we release them, please make sure you are subscribed to our YouTube Channel!

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