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San Antonio, Texas - South Texas Region

Wolff Stadium

Wolff Stadium

As Native Houstonians, we've been to San Antonio many times over the years. San Antonio has so many options for travelers to see and do: the Alamo, the Riverwalk, SeaWorld, Fiesta Texas, San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, all kinds of museums... the list can seem endless. But this summer, we began our quest to visit all of the minor league baseball parks in Texas, so we had to make time for a game at "The Wolff". And we are glad that we did!

Opened in 1994, The Wolff is home to the San Antonio Missions, Double-A affiliate of the San Diego Padres. It seats approximately 9,200 people if you count the seats and the grassy berm behind left field. Box seats are individual seats while reserved seats are bleacher seats. There is a children's play area (the HEBuddy Fun Zone) on the first base side and an all-you-can-eat fiesta deck on the third base side for parties. A variety of concessions are available throughout the park from hotdogs to Italian ices to jalapeno poppers!

the view from our seats

The View From Our Seats

fun zone

Fenced Fun Zone for Kids

You really don't have to worry too much about where your seats are. Most (if not all) of the seats in this stadium get you close to the action on the field. Our seats were behind the third base dugout (the Missions dugout) in row 6, so we had a great view.

The numbers on this field are 310 feet in left field, 402 feet in center, 340 feet in right field. If you like to see the speed of the pitches, look for a box below and to the right of the scoreboard just below the homerun line on the right field wall.


The Hottest Mascot in MiLB: Ballapeno!

chicken mascot

Chicken Sending Signals to the Catcher

One thing this game had a lot of was mascot action! The Missions' mascot, Ballapeno (@Ballapeno on Twitter), was joined by the Church's Chicken mascot for the first part of the game and then by Henry's Puffy Taco. The chicken was hilarious in his play calling and the puffy taco has some dance moves. It was fun to see all of the mascot interaction with fans throughout what would become a marathon game.

view from right field

View From Right Field

And I do mean marathon game. Some folks complete entire marathons in less time than this game took! The San Antonio Missions hosted the Midland Rockhounds (Double-A affiliate of the Oakland A's) in a 5 hour and 5 minute, 15-inning game! No one scored until the 11th inning when each team scored one run. In the 15th, the Missions ran out of pitchers and sent First Baseman Johan Limonta to the mound. Props to him for stepping up in an unusual situation. Final score: Rockhounds 3 Missions 1.

Nelson W Wolff Municipal Stadium is located at 5757 US 90, San Antonio TX 78227. It is on the West side of San Antonio between Old US Highway 90 and current US Highway 90 at S Callaghan Rd. Parking is $5 and is right next to the Stadium. (They offer $2 parking on Tuesdays).

Everyone we have talked to who has been to this ballpark really enjoys it. And we absolutely agree. Add it to your list of fun places to visit in San Antonio!

great time with family

Great Time with Family

the concourse

The Concourse of Wolff Stadium

Oh, and before I forget... Shout out to my brother, Derek, and Melanie for hosting us at the game and joining us for a lot of San Antonio fun! It was great spending time with y'all!


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