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Portable RV Refrigerator Freezer Product Review:

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JoyTutus Product Review

Video: Portable Freezer Refrigerator Product Review

As full-time RVers, one of our biggest challenges has been limited refrigerator and freezer space. We tried a couple of portable refrigerators a few years ago, and they didn't really work well enough for us to give up storage space for them. But we've recently been looking for a newer, better solution to expand our fridge and/or freezer storage. So when JoyTutus reached out to us and asked us to try their RV/car refrigerator/freezer, we were skeptical, but we decided it was worth the chance to downsize a few more items to make room for a small portable cooler. What we received was not what we expected, but some surprises are good surprises!

In this video, we put the JoyTutus RV fridge/freezer to the test as we travel. We were not paid for this review and the thoughts we share reflect what we really think based on our experience using it. Thank you to JoyTutus for sending us the unit.

The JoyTutus Car/RV Refrigerator/Freezer is available in 3 sizes on Amazon:

JoyTutus 50L RV Refrigerator/Freezer (like we have)
Save 15% with Coupon code: GZ8N5DF5
Offer Expires: Apr. 30th, 2020

JoyTutus 40L RV Refrigerator/Freezer
Save 10% with Coupon code: XUAJPJZJ
Offer Expires: Apr. 30th, 2020

JoyTutus 25L RV Refrigerator/Freezer
Save 15% with Coupon code: GRK3XT6M
Offer Expires: Apr. 30th, 2020

All of the JoyTutus RV/car refrigerator freezers are compressor systems that run on 12v DC or 120v AC power.

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JoyTutus Portable Freezer Refrigerator|

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