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Wholesale Warranties
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Conversations About RV Life:

Interview with Wholesale Warranties

Video: Wholesale Warranties Interviews RV Texas Y'all

We had a great time sitting down to visit with Jim at Wholesale Warranties to share our RVing experience, our full-time RV adventures, some of our favorite places, and of course, BBQ! This video also dives a bit into why we started and our YouTube Channel.

Thanks to Jim and the nice folks over at Wholesale Warranties for inviting us to participate in their show. It really was a great time!

We are happy to have partnered with Wholesale Warranties. They are an independent warranty brokerage company, meaning that they help their clients shop for RV and auto warranties that are right for their needs and budgets. Wholesale Warranties specializes in:

RV Extended Warranties

RV Roadside Assistance

Auto Extended Warranties

Wholesale Warranties is located in San Diego, California.

We've had a lot of folks ask us about extended warranties over the years. Honestly, those are tough questions for us to answer since every warranty is different (and so is every situation). Some warranties are definitely better than others and it is really important to be informed and learn as much as you possibly can about the details of an extended warranty before you buy it. We feel like this is where Wholesale Warranties is a great time-saving resource for RVers. They do all of the leg work for you. That's why we're partnering with Wholesale Warranties. We'll leave it to the experts to answer the questions! :)

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RV Life Conversations: Wholesale Warranties Interviews RV Texas Y'all

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