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Our Annual Trek to a Special Town

This week, we take you along as we get all of the annual maintenance done on our 2017 Tiffin Breeze motorhome. We like to take our RV to Red Bay, Alabama (home of Tiffin Motorhomes) for all of its regular annual RV maintenance. While we're in town, we'll visit Bay Diesel for our annual generator maintenance, annual diesel engine maintenance, and annual motorhome chassis maintenance. We'll also visit Tiffin Motorhomes for a few tweaks and minor repairs and we'll get our RV washed and waxed as well.

In this video, we'll also share where we like to stay when we visit Red Bay, Alabama and a few things to do while in town. By the way... you might notice that Tom's beard and hair get a bit shorter during this video. LOL For the second year in a row, Tom had his hair cut by the man who has been Bob Tiffin's barber for more than 50 years! You'll find his little shop just down the road from the Tiffin Service Center.

Video: Annual RV Maintenance | Red Bay AL

RV life isn't all amazing parks and road trips. Annual preventative maintenance is very important for any RV. And while, diesel RV maintenance can be expensive, we've found the vendors in Red Bay to provide great service at fair prices. It's one of the many reasons why we believe Red Bay AL is a special place!

We link to many of the places we mentioned in this video in the show notes of Podcast Episode 8.

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