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Taking Care of Our Motorhome's Preventative Maintenance

In this video, we take you back to Red Bay, Alabama to get our annual engine, chassis and generator maintenance done for our Tiffin Breeze diesel motorhome. This year, it was time for our 3-year maintenance and the guys at Bay Diesel did an excellent job!

Then we take you along as we visit some of the "must see" unique places near Red Bay: the super unusual Rattlesnake Saloon near Tuscumbia, Alabama and the historic Coon Dog Cemetery, the only one of its kind in the WORLD! We've never seen anything like these places before. Be sure to check them out when you're in the Red Bay area.

Video: Annual Diesel Maintenance and Unique Finds

Mentioned In This Video

Bay Diesel and Air Conditioning: 256.356.8803

Tiffin Motorhomes

Rattlesnake Saloon

Coon Dog Cemetery

Red Bay Downtown RV Park: 256.460.8108

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