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How To Buy An RV In 2021

When we began researching new RV options several months ago, it quickly became clear that the process of buying an RV has changed dramatically this year. The perfect storm of a boom in demand, parts shortages, and pandemic shutdowns amongst manufacturers and their suppliers has led to a significant drop in available inventory at RV dealerships.

At least temporarily, the days of wandering the aisles amongst hundreds of RVs at an RV show or stopping in at your local RV dealer to tour RVs in person are put on hold. And while we hope that RV shows will return soon, the fact of the matter is that low dealer inventory has had as much to do with the recent lack of RV shows as the pandemic and social distancing restrictions.

So, if you can't attend an RV show or pop in at a dealership to see all of your options in person, how can you find what you want in today's RV market? We recently visited with our friend, Angie Morrell, from National Indoor RV Centers to share what we've all learned about buying an RV in 2021...

Watch Our Video With Angie

Video: Tips for Buying an RV in 2021 | Wingin' It! With NIRVC's Angie!

Ordering An RV

When we began searching for our next RV, we quickly realized it was going to be a lot more challenging than we expected to find what we wanted. After an extensive nationwide internet search and many phone calls and emails, we were able to find one chassis that was on order by our friends at NIRVC that fit our criteria. But it had not been built yet. So, for the first time in our lives, we picked out exactly what we wanted and ordered an RV to be built.

Ordering our RV was a really interesting experience, similar to picking out items when building a house. And we'll be sharing more on that process later. But, in visiting with Angie and our friend Larry Troutt III at Topper's RVs, we are not the only ones choosing to order a new RV this year. Many of Larry's customers are ordering travel trailers, fifth wheels and motorhomes. And, by ordering prior to the build, they are getting to choose exactly what they want, rather than settling for something that they find on the lot. And, Larry says that the customer ordered units are taking priority over unsold dealer ordered units when it comes to delivery to the dealership.

Today's RV Buying Tips

Research Is Key! We always believe that research is really important in RV shopping. No matter what you buy, it's a big investment. But in today's market, online research plays an even more important role. Manufacturer websites and YouTube videos are a great place to develop your research. Sites like RV Trader are also a great resource to see pictures, floorplans, videos and pricing on all different kinds, brands, makes and models of RVs.

Consider All Of Your Options. While this is always a smart move, it's even more important if you'd like to buy an RV sooner rather than later right now. New vs Used is a perfect example. Sometimes you can find some barely used gems on the resale market.

Find A Dealer You Can Trust. Once you decide what you are looking for, find a dealer that you like and trust and let them assist you with your search. They can keep an eye out for models you are interested in or help you place an order.

Stay Vigilant. If you want to buy an RV today, you need to be active in your search. During our search, we were scouring the internet every day for new listings and information.

Be Prepared To Act. Inventory is moving incredibly fast in this market. When you find what you are looking for, be ready to put down your deposit and begin the buying process. We're not saying to buy when you're not ready, but if you hesitate too long to ponder your options, there's a good chance someone else will buy the RV before you get back to it.

Patience Is a Virtue. No one likes to wait for what they want. We all dream of finding the perfect RV and getting out to camp immediately. But, the reality is that RV shopping takes time (especially right now). Don't let it stress you out. Just keep your eyes on the prize of future adventures and all of the great memories you'll make once you have your new RV.

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As we mentioned in the video, National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) will be hosting an RV Reveal Party for us on the day that we take ownership of our new motorhome! We don't know the date or time yet, but it will be at the NIRVC location in Lewisville TX (just outside of Dallas). Make sure you are signed up for our Newsletter to be notified when details about the party are available. We hope to see you there!

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