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RV Texas Y'all Articles 66 - 75

RV Tour: 2017 Starcraft Launch Extreme Mini 29MBS

2017 Starcraft Launch Extreme Mini 19MBS
With a length of less than 25 feet, the 2017 Starcraft Launch Extreme Mini 19MBS caught our attention with its beefy tires and higher than average ground clearance. It has some really unique features for a smallish travel trailer. In this video, we give you a tour of the trailer from Camping World in Katy, Texas. Our post also tells you what we like most about it... [Read the full post]

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Meet the Findeisen Family: Organic, Sustainable Farmers at Erbe Ranch

Brian and Carter of Erbe Ranch
We met the Findeisen Family at the Fulshear Farmers Market quite a while ago. We enjoy shopping at Farmers Markets as much for the interesting folks that we meet as for the fresh, organic food. Brian and Nicole, along with sons Carter and Daniel, took an unconventional route to becoming organic, sustainable farmers. They found the life they were searching for by getting back to their roots, and as Carter says, "It all started with a chicken in a tree"... [Read the full post]

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Shop Local, Eat Healthy at Texas Farmers' Markets!

Texas Farmers Markets
Farmers' Markets fit right into the RV lifestyle. By shopping at local markets, you can eat healthy, experience local flavors and meet really interesting folks all while supporting small businesses. We're building a list of good farmers' markets in Texas. Please check our list and look for your favorite markets. If we don't yet have them listed, please let us know so we can add them...  [Read the full post]

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Park Update: Stephen F Austin State Park Has Reopened!

Stephen F Austin State Park
The 2016 Memorial Weekend Flood submerged Stephen F Austin State Park under 5-7 feet of water. SFA remained closed until March 2017. Our video shows you what the park looks like now, what's open and what parts of the park remain closed. This post also includes our full write-up on previous trips to the park...  [Read the full post]

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RV Adventures: Caprock Canyons State Park

Caprock Canyons State Park
Up in the Texas Panhandle approximately halfway between Amarillo and Lubbock, you'll find a beautiful group of canyons known as Caprock Canyons State Park. Miles away from big city lights and highway noise, this is the perfect location for star-gazing. On a clear night, you have an incredible view of the Milky Way! Up here, the stars really are "big and bright"!!... [Read the full post]

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From the Ice Age to the Space Age: 100 Historical Sites to Visit in Texas

Texas Historical Sites
Texas is RICH in history! Here's a short list to get you started: 100 interesting historical sites to visit in Texas, from the Ice Age to the Space Age including archeological sites, historic forts, homes, battlegrounds, missions, buildings that played a role in history and more!... [Read the full post]

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Walk Through Texas History at the Bullock Texas History Museum

Bullock Museum
Opened in 2001, this museum houses an impressive collection of Texas artifacts: from the reproduction skeleton of a French explorer who found himself stranded in the Gulf of Mexico to the original 2,000 pound iron Goddess of Liberty who topped the Capitol Building until 1985 when she was replaced by a replica. Here you see everything from Stephen F Austin's gun to Babe Zaharias' golf putter. If you are a Texan or interested in Texas history, put this on your list of Must Sees... [Read the full post]

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Discover Amazing Places by Geocaching!

One of the activities we enjoy while camping is geocaching. It has been a great way for us to discover some pretty unique and interesting places that we would not have known existed if a geocache hadn't drawn our attention. Would you ever think that feral chickens would rule the roost on a residential street in Bastrop, Texas? We sure wouldn't, but they definitely do... [Read the full post]

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Help Reforest Bastrop and Buescher State Parks!

Reforest Bastrop and Buescher State Parks
In December 2014, we wrote a blog post asking for folks to join us in volunteering to reforest Bastrop State Park. That post (Help Reforest Bastrop State Park) began with...When we learned that Texas Parks and Wildlife was looking for volunteers to help with tree planting efforts, we jumped right in. We had a great time planting trees at Bastrop State Park in January 2015... [Read the full post]

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Take a Tour of the Goliad Brewing Company

Goliad Brewing Company
Opened in 2014, the Goliad Brewing Company is a small, family owned, craft brewery that strives to capture the independent spirit of South Texas. Their property sits just north of the town of Goliad and is only a 5 to 10 minute drive from Goliad State Park and Historic Site. They offer brewery tours every Saturday along with live music in their outdoor beer garden... [Read the full post]

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