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Reason #1 to RV...

empty pockets

So you want to take a vacation?  After hours of searching online, you think you’ve found a decent price for a flight…and then you see all of the fees:  booking fees, carry-on bag fees, checked bag fees, extra bag fees, overweight bag fees, seat assignment fees, pet fees, food & drink fees, change your flight fees, talk to a real person fees, blanket & pillow fees, legroom fees, redeem your frequent flyer point fees,…SERIOUSLY??  Then you get to the airport to face overbooking!  How many times have you seen airlines asking for volunteers to take a later flight because they oversold the flight and everyone showed up?!

So you make it through the airport; now you’ve arrived at your destination and you need to rent a car.  Guess what?  More fees!  Deposit fees, facility usage fees, airport fees, parking fees (to cover their rental of the parking lot, of course), vehicle license fees, peak season fees, drop off fees, fuel fees, mileage fees, additional drivers fees, insurance fees… Holy checkbook, Batman!  That souvenir budget might be dwindling quickly.

OK, you’ve survived the flight and you have your rental car, now it’s time to check-in to the hotel where you find… wait for it….MORE FEES!!!  Booking fees, extra person fees, use the telephone fees, service charge fees, internet access fees, resort (aka right to use the swimming pool) fees, parking fees, energy/electricity fees, convention fees, paperwork fees, pet fees, extra towel fees, safe fees, bellhop fees, housekeeping fees,  and my personal favorite: furniture fees… WHAT?!


Camping at Stephen F Austin State Park

By traveling in your own RV, you can avoid most of these fees.  All of your transportation is rolled into your vehicle.  Sure, you’ll have fuel and maintenance costs, but you’ll avoid all of the costs and fees associated with airlines and rental cars.  You have NO chance of flight delays or absent rental cars.  And you’ll get to experience some great scenery along the way!  A huge bonus is the nightly rate.  You can stay at most campgrounds for $15 – $55 per night with full hookups (meaning you have access to electricity, water, sewer and possibly cable TV connections right at your campsite).

Depending on your choice of campgrounds and the length of your stay, you may face some fees.  Some may charge a fee if you are bringing your pets or for more than 2 people staying in the site.  If you are staying for an extended period of time, you might be charged an electricity fee.  But for a stay of a few days, utilities and use of amenities are typically included in the nightly cost of your campsite.  Ask about their fees before you make your reservation.  But rest assured, you will never be charged an extra towel fee or a furniture fee when traveling in your RV!

What are you waiting for?  Live your adventure!


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Safe Travels and Happy Camping!