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Yes! You Can Take the Holidays on the Road With You!

Video: Decorating Our RV For Christmas

When we owned a sticks and bricks house, we loved to decorate our house and yard for the holidays. In fact, we were a little bit like the Griswolds... lights everywhere! Last year during the holidays we were in the midst of settling into our RV, getting our house ready to sell and downsizing. So we put a few decorations up on the inside of our motorhome, but that was it. This year, we decided to experiment with putting a few decorations outside as well.

In this video, we take you along as we decorate our motorhome for Christmas. It was so quick and easy compared to the decorating we did when we owned a house! In hindsight, we wish we had taken a few holiday decorations with us when we were weekend RVers.

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