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We Take You Around the Outside Of Our New Aire

Next up in our series of videos showing you around our new RV, Tom gives you a tour of the outside of our new 2021 Newmar New Aire 3343. We show you the basement storage bays, exterior features, and more on our Class A diesel pusher motorhome. He also gives you a sneak peek at our massive lithium battery setup (which we'll talk about in detail in our solar/lithium battery video).

If you missed the first video in this series, we covered the full inside tour. And you can find all of our experiences with this motorhome on our Newmar New Aire page.

The Newmar New Aire is a small Class A diesel pusher motorhome. Our New Aire 3343 measures 33 feet 10 inches long and is just over 12 feet tall. It's a small-ish package that's big on amenities and has all of the comforts of home. We chose it as our new home on wheels during our 3rd year as full-time RVers. And for a short Class A diesel motorhome, the exterior sports a lot of great features.

Watch The Video Tour of the Exterior of Our New Aire:

Video: Exterior Tour Of Our New RV | 2021 Newmar New Aire 3343

Continue With The Tour!

Next up in this series: we'll give you a full explanation of the extreme solar and lithium battery setup that we had installed on our New Aire. You don't want to miss that!

Exterior Tour Of Our 2021 Newmar New Aire 3343 | RV Texas Y'all

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