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We Take You Inside Our New Aire

Introducing "Freedom"! This week, we begin our series of videos giving you a complete tour of our new RV: a 2021 Newmar New Aire 3343 Class A diesel pusher motorhome. We'll show you the inside, the outside, the solar/lithium battery system that we've had installed and more.

In this video: we take you inside our new RV, Freedom. We're beginning with the inside tour of our new RV because the floorplan and amenities are a big part of what grabbed our attention when we began RV shopping. There's a lot of good stuff packed into this 33 foot diesel motorhome!

Watch The Video Tour of the Inside of Our New Aire:

Video: Inside Our New RV | 2021 Newmar New Aire Motorhome Tour

Thank you to Angie and Tanner at National Indoor RV Centers (NIRVC) Dallas for their assistance in making all of our selections as we were designing our New Aire. It is truly a dream come true! They were extemely patient and helpful throughout the process, and a joy to work with.

Continue With The Tour!

Now that you've seen the interior of our New Aire, check out the exterior tour! Lots of interesting stuff to see there too.

Inside Our 2021 Newmar New Aire 3343 | RV Texas Y'all

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