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Full Time RV Living: What We Have More Of Now

This week we're changing things up a bit... we're Wingin' It! on Sunday! Today we're talking about 10 things that we actually have more of as Full Time RVers than we did we owned a sticks and bricks house.

Yes, after all of our downsizing from a 3,000 square foot house into a less than 300 sq ft motorhome, and now on our 4th year as full time RVers, we recently realized that we actually have MORE of a few things than we used to have.

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Video: 10 Things We Have More Of As Full Time RVers

Mentioned In This Video...

Weather Safety Tips for RVers

Downsizing To Upsize Your Life

Downsizing To Work From The Road

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10 Things We Have More Of As Full Time RVers | RV Texas Y'all

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