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Welcome Back Y'all!

One thing 2020 and full-time RV life in general have taught us is to embrace change. The best, most researched plans often go out the window due to weather or other unforseen circumstances (like a pandemic?!?). Like everyone else, this year has been nothing like we had planned after mid-March.

We were able to hit the road again on June 1st with new plans of staying in different campgrounds across Texas for a week at a time. We were about 6 weeks or so into that plan when Tom's Mom passed away.

Like so many of you, family is our top priority. As we write this, we are in Houston taking care of family business. The rest of our Summer and Fall travel plans have changed completely again.

Since our return to our hometown, we faced the possibility of running from a hurricane, something we expected to avoid completely as full-time RVers. But its all part of the adventure. Thankfully, Houston and this part of the Texas Gulf Coast were spared. Our hearts go out to everyone who was in the path of Hurricane Laura.

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Change to Newsletter Schedule: We have so much to share with you that our Newsletters are getting longer. We'd like to share more RV and camping information with you, but we know you're busy. So starting Monday, September 7th, we're going to experiment with a shorter weekly Newsletter. Watch your email inbox each Monday for our weekly updates!

Facebook Friday LIVE! Is Back! We're back in a place where we have a good data signal, so we'll be hosting another Facebook Friday LIVE! Virtual Rally this Friday (9/4) at 7pm. Join us on our Facebook Page to kick off Labor Day Weekend!


Quality RV Resorts Banner

Welcome to the RV Texas Y'all Family, Quality RV Resorts!

Please join us in welcoming Quality RV Resorts to the RV Texas Y'all family! If you've been with us since our full-time RVing journey began, you might remember that we started our adventure by staying 2 months at Quality RV Resorts' Highway 6 RV Resort in Houston while we downsized and got our sticks and bricks home ready to sell.

Since that time, Quality RV Resorts has bought another one of our go-to RV parks, Admiralty RV Resort in San Antonio. We look forward to visiting Admiralty again soon so that we can update our write-up.

Currently Quality RV Resorts operates 15 RV parks and resorts in Houston, San Antonio, Brazoria, Baytown and Victoria. You can find them online at We have always enjoyed our stays at their incredibly clean resorts, and are thrilled to have them join us here on Next time you're at one of their parks, please tell them we said "Hi"!

Introducing Our New @RVTXCat: Astro!

We've just adopted a 5-month old kitten! We're calling him "Astro" as an ode to our hometown of Houston and the Astronauts who train at the Johnson Space Center. Astronauts are adventurous, smart, curious and brave... and he is all that rolled into one purring bundle of fur.

You can follow his adventures and see how he is adjusting to life in the RV and with Star as a big sister on Instagram or Twitter.

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