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RV Texas Y'all Articles 6 - 15

Super Bowl Cooking On The Road

Super Bowl Cooking
We always enjoy celebrating events like the Super Bowl with good food. And even though this year we weren't near any parties, we wanted to continue this tradition at our campsite. We had a few challenges, but we were determined not to throw in the towel on our cooking plans. So we made a few adjustments, tried some different things, and had great results... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

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Raven and Chickadee: 6 Years of Full Time RV Adventures

Visiting With Raven and Chickadee
Our new friends, Eric and Laurel (AKA Raven and Chickadee), have been enjoying life as full-time RVers for 6 years! In that time, they have traveled from coast-to-coast across the US and Canada and have checked a lot of boxes on their original bucket list. But they've also discovered a whole new list of things they want to see and do! They share a few challenges they've faced on the road, where they like to camp, how they got started as full-timers, and why it's all about the journey!... [Watch the Video and Read the Full Post]

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Visiting West Columbia TX: Small Town, Big History

Visiting Historic West Columbia TX
When it came to choosing our second stop as full-time travelers, we decided on visiting a town that many of you may never have heard of. At the intersection of Highways 35 and 36 in Brazoria County, you'll find West Columbia, Texas. West Columbia (or just Columbia as it was known historically) is full of nice folks, small town charm and big Texas history. Plus, this is Stacie's Mom's hometown! "Grammy Kay" joined us on this trip to share some of her memories and reconnect with the community... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: RV Life | RV Gulf Coast Texas

Our First 3 Months as Full-Time RVers: 10 Things We've Learned

Our RV Life On The Road Begins in San Felipe TX
It's hard to believe that we've already been living full-time in our motorhome for 3 months! The time has flown by and we've learned a lot in a short amount of time. In this video, we share 10 things that we have learned so far in our full-time RV life. We're getting adjusted to life on the road... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site: the Colonial Capital of Texas!

San Felipe de Austin State Historic Site
No trip into Texas history is complete without a visit to San Felipe de Austin. When the Father of Texas, Stephen F Austin, brought the initial "Old 300" settlers to Texas to colonize under a contract with the Mexican government, he selected San Felipe de Austin as the capital of his colony. In this video, we sit down with Historic Site Director Bryan McAuley to learn more about the forgotten history of this town... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

Tags: Texas Historical Write-Ups | 100 Texas Historical Sites to Visit | RV Central Texas

Our Full-Time RV Life On The Road Begins in San Felipe TX!

Our RV Life On The Road Begins in San Felipe TX
Over the past couple of months, we have thought long and hard about how and where to begin our full-time RV life on the road. I can't tell you how many times we changed our minds. There are so many places that we want to visit! But when it was finally time to make a decision, we decided to go back to our roots. Our first stop in our full-time RV travels took us to San Felipe, Texas!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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2019 Texas RV Shows

RV Shows in Texas
It's that time of year! A new year brings with it a new season of RV Shows! RV shows are a great way to see a lot of campers all in one place. Here's our list of 2019 RV Shows across Texas... [Find an RV Show Near You!]

2019 RV Shows Across the USA

RV Shows Across the USA
For all of our friends across the USA (but outside of Texas) we've updated our annual list of 130 RV Shows Across America! RV Show season begins at the beginning of January!... [Find an RV Show Near You!]

Tour Our 2017 Tiffin Breeze 31BR

Tour Our 2017 Tiffin Breeze
It's been quite the journey over the past several weeks to get organized and ready to hit the road for our full-time travel adventures. One of the biggest challenges for us has been combining what we traveled with as part-time RVers with things we had at our sticks and bricks home and then downsizing to the items that are a priority for us. In this post, we take you on a tour of our Tiffin Breeze and show you how we have organized it for our full-time RV travel... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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Stories From Our RV Travels #BeyondTX

RV Road Trip Stories from Beyond Texas
Do we ever travel outside of Texas? We get that question a lot! As we prepare to hit the road and take our full-time RV life mobile, we share a few stories from previous RV road trips we've taken as we have traveled the USA... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

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