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RV Classification: Travel Trailer | Toy Hauler

RV Tour: ATC Toy Hauler

In this video, we tour an ATC Aluminum Toy Hauler. If you enjoy this video or find it helpful, please hit the "Like" button on YouTube. If you'd like to see more of our videos as we create them, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Thanks!

What we liked most about the unit we toured: The ATC Toy Hauler is a customizable toy hauler travel trailer. You can choose how much cabinetry you need and where you want it to be mounted. All of the cabinets included solid latches and seemed to really close nicely. We always appreciate when manufacturers include shocks on the cabinets that open up so you don't have to hold the cabinet doors open. This looks to be a super simple trailer to clean out which is especially great for a toy hauler! And the generator and fuel tank are convenient features.

In this video, Matt talks about this trailer being light weight and the flexibility of choosing a tow vehicle. The ATC Toy Hauler is lighter than many other toy haulers out there. But as with any towable RV, always confirm that your truck is rated to safely pull more than the total weight of your trailer when it is fully loaded (including all of your toys for a toy hauler). Always do your own research on towing capabilities.

Filmed in the Earth MotorCars section at the Southwest RV Supershow in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you to Matt Schimmel, ATC Sales Director at Earth MotorCars, for conducting the tour!

For more information on this toy hauler travel trailer, visit the ATC Aluminum Toy Hauler website by Aluminum Trailer Company. This RV is manufactured in Nappanee, Indiana.

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