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RV Classification: Travel Trailer

RV Tour: 2017 Airstream Basecamp

In this video, we tour a 2017 Airstream Basecamp during its model debut. If you enjoy this video or find it helpful, please hit the "Like" button on YouTube. If you'd like to see more of our videos as we create them, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Thanks!

What we liked most about the unit we toured: The Basecamp is the newest travel trailer produced by Airstream. It is debuting in the market as we write this, and it caught our attention as soon as we laid eyes on it. This is probably about as close to a "go anywhere" camper as you will find. The larger wheels and skid plates work to protect the camper as you pull it to your "basecamp". We love the large number of windows and the flexibility of the living/dining/sleeping area. The solar options and large propane tanks really add to this unit's ability to camp off the grid (You'd likely be limited only by water tank sizes. But if you're used to backpacking and tent camping, you know how to work around that!). We appreciate that the Basecamp's low weight means that it can be pulled by almost anything, and its compact size means it can camp almost anywhere! We think this is a super cool camper for folks who want to get away and enjoy outdoor adventures, while having a Basecamp to eat, use the restroom and sleep in comfort.

Filmed in the Vogt RV section at the Southwest RV Supershow in Dallas, Texas.

Thank you to Brent Rudd, Airstream Regional Director of Sales Central Region - Towables, for conducting the tour!

For more information on this travel trailer, visit the Basecamp page on the Airstream website.

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