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Welcome Back Y'all!

We're deep into Summer of this very odd 2020, and we're happier than ever to be able to travel like we do. We've discovered some great parks so far this Summer and look forward to visiting a lot more Texas campgrounds over the next several months.

We hear that a lot of folks are looking to join the RV community these days. That's awesome! But, as a reminder, most campgrounds are requiring advance reservations. So before you hit the road to play your trip by ear, check with the local campgrounds about their current travel restrictions and reservation requirements.

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Rocky Creek Park Visitors' Guide

Rocky Creek Park
For years, we have tried to camp at Corps of Engineers (COE) parks. But every time we have a reservation, a storm comes through and floods the park, canceling our reservation. So it's a bit ironic that our first COE park visit was at Rocky Creek Park on Lake Somerville. At the time of our visit, the park had recently reopened, at least in part, following flood damage... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

Tags: Texas Campground Write-Ups | Texas Campground Listings | RV Central Texas

How To Spend A Rainy Day In An RV | Wingin' It!, Ep 58

Rainy Day RV Tips
As RVers, can rainy days interrupt our plans? Yes. Is it a real bummer to have outside plans at a campground only to find out that Mother Nature has other plans for your day? Sometimes. Is a rainy day at the campsite a complete waste of a day? Definitely not! Today we're Wingin' It! about how we spend our day in the RV when it's raining at the campground... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

Lake Bastrop South Shore Park Visitors' Guide

South Shore Park
In Texas, we are lucky to have several different kinds of public parks that offer RV and tent camping. We have state, national, forest service, corps of engineer, county, city, historical and river authority parks. We haven't visited a river authority park until our stay at South Shore Park on Lake Bastrop. And wow... if this is what river authority parks are like, we look forward to visiting many more!... [See the Full Post and Watch the Video!]

Tags: Texas Campground Write-Ups | Texas Campground Listings | RV Central Texas

Suaoki Portable Power Station Review

Suaoki Portable Power Station Review
One of the things we love about RV life is that today's technology allows us to work from our campsite. We feel more creative, relaxed and productive when we are sitting outside listening to the birds as we work. To prolong our ability to work outside, we've been known to run an extension cord from the basement of our RV to power our computers. But then we have to worry about tripping over the cord. Today we're testing the S370 Portable Power Station by Suaoki... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: RV Tips | RV Product Reviews

RV Slang: Words Every RVer Should Know | Wingin' It!, Ep 56

RV Slang
Understanding RV jargon can be confusing at times. RVers have a language all our own: Honey Wagon? Donut? Toad?... what the heck are folks talking about?!? Join in the conversation with our definitions for popular RV slang terms. In this post, we break down some of the crazy things RVers say and what it all means... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: Wingin' It! | RV Life

Stuffed Jalapenos and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing

Stuffed Jalapenos and Buttermilk Ranch Dressing
We absolutely love stuffed jalapenos! They are one of our all time favorite foods. Stuffed Jalapenos are easy to make and the recipe is flexible. We've done them a lot of different ways. On this episode of Tom's Chuck Wagon, we're sharing one of our recipes for bacon wrapped stuffed jalapenos and our homemade buttermilk ranch dressing!... [Watch the Video and See the Full Post]

Tags: Camp Cooking

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