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RV Classification: Super C Motorhome

In this video, we tour a 2016 Dynamax DX3 37TS Super C Motorhome. If you enjoy this video or find it helpful, please hit the "Like" button on YouTube. If you'd like to see more of our videos as we create them, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Thanks!

RV Tour: 2016 Dynamax DX3 37TS

What we liked most about the unit we toured: This Super C motorhome has a Cummins 350 horsepower diesel engine and a Freightliner chassis. The trailer hitch is rated to tow 20,000 pounds. The opposing slides in the living area provide a lot of space inside, and the keyless entry on the main door eliminates the need to carry keys while you're out on the trails. The 3,000W inverter and Onan 8,000kW diesel generator along with the 100 gallon fresh water, 52 gallon gray water, and 52 gallon black water tanks would allow for nice boondocking/dry camping. Speaking of waste tanks (you know you're an RVer when you talk about waste tanks), the macerator is a nice option you find on some high end RVs. Folks that we've met with macerators say they make dumping your tanks easier and quicker. Oh, and we can't forget the Aqua-Hot system that gives you instant hot water!

Filmed at Holiday World in Katy, Texas.

For more information on this Super C diesel motorhome, visit the DX3 page on the Dynamax website.

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