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Welcome Back Y'all!

What a crazy couple of weeks it's been for us! In case you haven't heard, we've hit the road again, traveled to the recent FMCA rally in Perry GA and are currently back in Red Bay AL for our annual maintenance trip for our Tiffin Breeze 31BR motorhome.

The crazy weather has followed us and, as we write this Newsletter today from the Tiffin Pet-Friendly Customer Service Lounge, we are receiving another round of tornado watches. LOL... Come on Mother Nature! Despite what it seems though, we've had plenty more beautiful days here than bad weather and are enjoying another stay here with the friendly folks of Red Bay. By the way, the new customer service lounges here on Main Street are AWESOME! They are complete with couches, chairs, tables, wi-fi and a coffee bar! Plus, they sit right on Main Street just a block from the local bakery!

New Tiffin Customer Lounge

New Tiffin Pet-Friendly Customer Lounge in Red Bay

This week, we're sharing our recent trip where we traveled through 5 states in 5 days, our first trip to a storm shelter, our tips for attending big RV rallies and more.

Oh, and before we forget: We are excited to announce that our podcast has been picked up on Pandora! Please send us a note if the RV Texas Y'all Podcast is not yet showing up in your favorite podcast listening app. Thanks for listening!

Let's get started...

Our Most Recent Video:

Video: Severe Weather Tornado Warning

Severe Weather Tornado Warning

We are having some very interesting weather luck so far in 2021! After being caught in an historic winter storm in Galveston, last week we found ourselves facing severe thunderstorms with potential flooding, high winds, hail and tornadoes in Red Bay, Alabama... Watch Our Most Recent Video

This Week's Podcast

Podcast Episode 007

Big FMCA Rallies | TX State Park Capacities | Egress‬

In this episode of the RV Texas Y'all Podcast, we share our experiences at the recent FMCA (Family Motorcoach Association) Convention in Perry, Georgia and our tips for attending big RV rallies. Plus, Texas State Parks expand to normal capacity and E is for Egress... Listen To Our Most Recent Podcast Episode.

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Our Other Recent Videos:

Video: RVing 5 States in 5 Days | Texas to Georgia Roadtrip

RVing 5 States in 5 Days | Texas to Georgia Roadtrip

After spending the winter in Galveston, we are excited to be back on the road traveling in our motorhome in search of new adventures. Join us as we hit the road and travel through 5 states in 5 days on our way to the FMCA Rally in Perry, Georgia! We drive from Livingston, Texas to Ashburn, Georgia spending the night in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia... all in 5 days!... Watch This Video

Video: From No RV Experience to Full Time RV Life!

From No RV Experience to Full Time RV Life! | Wingin' It! With Friends

This week on Wingin' It! With Friends, we introduce you to Karen and Phil, new full-time RVers from Arizona who jumped into the lifestyle with no previous RVing experience. They share why they decided to get into RVing, and why they decided to sell the house and move into an RV to live and travel full time. They also talk about why they chose their motorhome, how being full-time RVers is working out for them, where they've been, and some of their plans for the future... Watch Our Most Recent Wingin' It! Video

We've included one of Phil and Karen's videos from their time in Texas below. Be sure to check out their channel

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More Fun Stuff:

Video: Lets Take a Trip to the LBJ State and National Parks - A Texas Jewel

LBJ State and National Parks - A Texas Jewel | Blue Line RV Adventures

If you enjoyed meeting Phil and Karen in our recent Wingin' It! With Friends video, be sure to check out their channel Blue Line RV Adventures! Here's their recent video on their visit to Lyndon B. Johnson State Park and Historic Site and Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Park in Johnson City, Texas... Watch This Video