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Welcome Back Y'all!

Happy Texas Independence Day! On March 2, 1836, the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed was signed at Washington-On-The-Brazos. That also happened to be General Sam Houston's Birthday! Also in this week in Texas history... we launched RV Texas Y'all on March 2, 2013! LOL We've included a picture of us with our first travel trailer from our March 1, 2013 announcement! Check it out at the bottom of this Newsletter...

Also in this issue: what we learned from RVing in Winter Storm Uri, our podcast episode with Ron Gustafson and Aric Salois from Jamaica Beach RV Resort in Galveston, and the latest outdoor news and stories you might find interesting.

Let's get started...

Our Most Recent Video:

Video: Winter Storm in an RV | What We Learned

Winter Storm in an RV | What We Learned

So what was it like riding out a nearly week-long winter storm with below freezing temperatures, no access to city power or water, and limited connectivity in an RV? In this video, we share more about our experience living in our RV during Winter Storm Uri that blanketed Texas with freezing temps, ice and snow for days and knocked out power and water across the state. We also share how our storm preparations worked out for us, how we fared in the storm compared to friends and family members in the same conditions, but in their sticks and bricks homes, what we learned from the experience, and what we will do differently in the future. Watch Our Recent Video

This Week's Podcast

Podcast Episode 006

Riding Out Texas Winter Storm at Jamaica Beach RV Resor‪t‬

In this episode, we visit with two of the owners of Jamaica Beach RV Resort on Galveston Island, Ron Gustafson and Aric Salois. Ron and Aric share what it's like working together in a 3-generation family-owned and operated business, what life is normally like at their destination RV resort on the Texas Gulf Coast, and the unprecedented challenges they faced during Winter Storm Uri. Plus, we share hightlights about how we prepared for the storm and a few more things we learned from the experience... Listen To Our Most Recent Podcast Episode.

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Flashback: Our 2013 Launch Announcement!

Our launch announcement