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One of the biggest battles for any RVer is the battle against humidity. (especially in Texas!) Humidity build up in your RV can lead to all kinds of issues (from musty smells to mildew or mold). DampRid is a disposable moisture absorber that helps remove humidity from your RV before it can do any damage.
We've used our Camco Collapsible Bucket to wash every RV we've owned. It sets up in a flash, holds water well, is easy to move around while you wash your rig and is the perfect size to fit an RV brush if you like to use one. After it dries, fold it down and store it in it's storage pouch until next time. It's super light and takes up very little room.
Our Swiffer is the easiest way to clean the floors inside our RV. You can use it dry or as a mop. We vacuum first and then use our Swiffer to mop. It's lightweight, stores easily (we hang ours in a closet) and reaches everything we need it to.
Knock on wood, we haven't needed this tool yet! But we keep a Schrader Valve Core Torque Tool in the RV just in case. We've heard stories of RVers whose tires were losing pressure, and it turned out to be because of a loose tire valve! If that ever happens to us, we'll be ready.
We are extremely careful to minimize anything other than water going down our drains in the sinks or shower. But sometimes our grey tank still develops an odor. (especially during the heat of the summer) Thetford's RV Grey Water Odor Control eliminates odors and prevents grease build up. We keep a bottle in the RV at all times.
When we took our RV to the factory for service a few years ago, the technician suggested spraying our slide rails with a protective lube as a part of routine maintenance. It does seem to resist dirt and keep our slide rails cleaner. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Buying through these links does not cost you any more than if you were to buy directly on Amazon.

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