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People always ask us about our state map stickers. It's fun to add another state to our map as we explore and it's a real conversation starter, too!
Summers in Texas can bring brutal heat. We bought our sunblocker after we saw how much additional shade one gave our friends Scott and Judy. No tools required to install!
We've heard so many stories from folks about tire issues on the road. Our TireMinder TPMS alerts us to changes in tire pressure or temperature while we drive. This set comes with 6 transmitters. We bought 4 additional transmitters so we can monitor the Jeep as we tow.
We LOVE our RV flag pole! The mounting brackets stay on our RV ladder, and the flag pole collapses for easy storage. It's very light, but durable and makes it super easy to find your campsite!
We learned this trick from some Canadian friends who we met at Brazos Bend State Park one winter. This small electric heater puts out a good amount of heat for its size. It keeps us from having to run our propane furnace, and turns itself off immediately if it gets tipped over. It has 3 settings: flame (no heat, just ambiance), low and high.
We've owned an earlier version of this GPS (the Rand McNally RVND 7720) since 2014. You enter information specific to your RV (height, length, propane) and route preferences (tolls/no tolls, highways/back roads) and then select a route from two options. Our favorite features: (a) campgrounds and RV parks are already loaded so you don't need physical addresses, (b) the fuel log tracks MPG, (c) includes unlimited map updates, (d) you can select points of interest to be shown. Please note: no GPS is 100% accurate. We use our phone map and paper road atlas as back-up.
Stacie's parents' RV was hit by a power surge while camping at an RV park years ago. It fried their entire electrical system immediately. Because of that, we ALWAYS use a surge protector to protect our RV. This model will also test the power pole before you plug in your rig to make sure that it is safe. We've been using this 50amp surge guard since 2014 and are very happy with it.
This is the 30amp version of our 50amp surge protector. We have been using these surge protectors on our RV since we began RVing and would not think of going anywhere without one. We believe they have protected our electrical system on several occasions and they do not seem to be affected by rain, heat or cold.
We cannot stress enough how important we believe surge protection is for your RV! This basic surge protector doesn't have all of the features of its bigger brother, but it offers good 30amp protection for the money.
Not all campgrounds have 50amp connections. This adapter works great for plugging our 50amp rig into a 30amp electrical box. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Buying through these links does not cost you any more than if you were to buy directly on Amazon.

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