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Our Trick for Getting a Weight for Each RV Wheel

Knowing the true weight of your loaded RV is critical to safe driving. And while knowing the overall weight and the front and rear axle weights are super important, have you ever considered the weight on your individual tires? Knowing how much weight sits on each of your RV's tires really helps you to be confident that you are not overloaded, that your tires are each inflated properly to handle the load, and that your stuff is packed so that the weight is evenly distributed. You don't want one or two tires shouldering the burden for the others as you're driving down the road! In this video, we show you how we get an individual weight for each of our front tires, and for each of the dual sets in the rear.

RV Tip: Getting Weighed

Disclaimer: Clearly, we are not professional mechanics, RV gurus or tire experts. We learned this method of weighing from another YouTuber. Please consult the labels inside your RV, your owner's manual, or your tire manufacturer's website for specific information about your tires and how you should maintain them. We use a Certified CAT Scale at a truck stop to check our weights. This was convenient for us, but certainly is not the only way to weigh your RV. Do your research and decide what works best for you. Whatever method you choose, please practice extreme caution in driving your RV on and around the scales. Don't drive close to the curb or back into anything! Be sure to have a spotter in constant communication and stay out of the way of truckers and other vehicles. Some truck stops and weigh stations may not be able to accomodate this type of weighing because of the space required around the scale to safely position the RV. It's a good idea to study the area first and to speak with the folks inside to make sure that this method is okay to use at your selected location.

If room does not allow for you to safely position your rig for this method of weighing (or if the weigh station does not allow wheels to the side of the scales), drive your RV straight onto the platform with your front axle, rear axle(s) and tow axles each on different scale platforms. This will not give you a weight for each wheel, but it will give you a report on the weight being supported by each axle which is also important. Having this information will allow you to redistribute the weight in your RV to make sure that you are safe to travel.

Safe Travels and Happy Camping!