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Welcome Back Y'all!

This weekend we published Episode 2 of the RV Texas Y'all Podcast. We're having a lot of fun producing it and we hope you're enjoying it too!

In this issue, we're also sharing 2 small Veteran-Owned, Made In Texas Businesses: our tour of a distillery in Brookshire and the carving of our new wooden campsite sign in Angleton. And don't forget about our weekly collection of RV and outdoors stories.

Let's get started...

Our Most Recent Video:

Video: Family Owned Distillery Tour | How Whiskey Is Made

We Visit a Family and Veteran Owned Distillery

This week on our Sunday Side Trip, we take you to Brookshire, Texas to visit a family owned (and Veteran Owned) distillery, Shire Distilling Company. Founded in 2017, Shire Distilling currently produces whiskey and vodka using locally sourced ingredients. Founder and Master Distiller Timo Raines walks us through Shire's whiskey distilling process and explains their equipment. Watch Our Recent Sunday Side Trip

This Week's Podcast

Podcast Episode 002

RV Buying Tips | Birth of Texas State Parks | 30 vs 50 Amps

This week, we're sharing some RV buying tips and we talk about how the RV buying experience might look a bit different this year thanks to the Pandemic. In our Texas Tidbit, we look at how the Texas State Parks got started. And we introduce a new segment: The ABCs of RVing where Tom explains the difference between 30 and 50 amps... Listen To Our Most Recent Podcast Episode

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Made In Texas!

Pops Custom Signs

Behind the Scenes at Pops Custom Signs

We are excited to be the soon-to-be-owners of a new custom wooden sign for our campsite. We are honored to be working with fellow RVer and RV Texas Y'all Posse Member Frank "Pops" Jenkins of Pops Custom Signs, LLC in Angleton TX. Frank is a custom woodworker who is designing and carving our new camp sign and documenting the process on his YouTube Channel, Pops Custom Signs, LLC. You can watch Frank carving our sign in this post... Watch Our Sign Being Carved!

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