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Welcome Back Y'all!

Happy Fall! We are absolutely loving this cooler weather and blue skies. We hope you have a great week ahead.

In this week's issue: Y'all know we love our Tiffin Breeze! The 2021 Breeze builds on everything we love about our coach and adds some good stuff. October is Texas Archaeology Month, so we've included some links about how you can celebrate and learn something new every day. And for our friends with e-Bikes, we've included a link to the recent announcement by the Department of the Interior regarding e-Bike policies in the National Parks and other federal lands.

Plus, we've launched a new video series! Join us as we explore hidden gems and fascinating road trip attractions in our new series: Side Trip Sundays!

Introducing Side Trip Sundays!

Side Trip Sundays, Episode 1

Hidden Gems in Houston | Side Trip Sundays, Ep 1

We believe that the journey is the destination. And Side Trips are a big part of the journey! Finding those fun, interesting, sometimes quirky places that are unique to the area we are visiting makes the visit much more memorable. In fact, in our opinion, Side Trip excursions that have us still talking about the experience hours and days later are what make the journey unforgettable!

In Episode 1 of our new Side Trip Sundays video series, we take you along as we explore 3 fascinating hidden gems in our hometown of Houston TX. Plus, we visit one of our long-time favorite restaurants in the city! Watch Yesterday's Video.

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The Printing Museum in Houston

The Printing Museum | Houston TX

If you enjoyed the glimpse into The Printing Museum in yesterday's video, you can see more about our experience there, our favorite exhibits and pictures in this more detailed post. We were blown away by the exhibits and look forward to visiting again in the future. Learn More About The Printing Museum.

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RV and Outdoor News

Celebrate Texas Archaeology Month With Fun Facts from the Texas Historical Commission

Calling All Texans: The Bullock Museum Wants To Hear Your Story

Tiffin Motorhomes Releases the 2021 Tiffin Breeze

Follow The Trail: Monarch Butterfly Season Arrives in Texas

Burleson County Historical Commission Celebrates Archaeology Month With Facebook Posts

TAMU Conservation Research Lab Celebrates Archaeology Month on Twitter

Texas Archaeology Month Events Calendar

Ford Issues Safety Recalls

Department of the Interior Announces e-Bike Policies for National Parks

Tesla Working On Concept RVs

Also Posted Recently

The Best Time to RV in Texas Video

The Best Time to RV in Texas | Wingin' It!

The weather is changing and we're getting into the BEST time to RV camp in Texas! In this episode, we're Wingin' It! about the reasons why Fall is our favorite time to RV. Watch This Episode of Wingin' It!

Texas Festivals and Fun Events

In case you missed it last week, some October Festivals are back!

October Festivals in Texas

Thanks For Joining Us!

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Until Next Time, Y'all! Safe Travels and Happy Camping!