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Welcome Back Y'all!

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! We have officially passed 20,000 Subscribers on our YouTube Channel! We truly appreciate you subscribing and sharing us with your friends and family. We are really excited to have reached this goal and look forward to continuing to bring you more fun content. If you haven't already joined us on YouTube, please subscribe and hit the bell to receive notifications of our new videos! Thanks so much!

This week, we take you along on a day trip to Livingston TX and talk about Holiday camping. We also share another bunch of camping and outdoor articles that we think you'll be interested in, including 1,200+ miles of new trails coming to the National Trail System, automated shuttles coming to Yellowstone National Park, and bears returning to Texas.

Let's get started...

Our Latest Video:

Video: Day Trip to Livingston TX | Escapees and Museum

Day Trip to Livingston TX | Escapees and Museum

This week we take you along as we take a day trip from Fallbrook RV Resort in Northwest Houston to Livingston, Texas. We visit the Polk County Memorial Museum, vote, pick up our mail at Escapees, and meet some friends for lunch. We also film our entire week of videos in one day (which is definitely not the way we normally do things 😂). Watch Yesterday's Video.

We 100% love our Escapees Membership! Escapees makes being a full-time RVer so easy! Learn More About Escapees RV Club.

If you are interested in RC Model Airplanes, Check out our friend JR's Channel: The Traveling Tech Guy!

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Also Published Recently:

Video: RVing During the Holidays... Then and Now

RVing During the Holidays... Then and Now | Wingin' It!

This week we're Wingin' It! about RVing around the Holidays, why we love to do it, and how it might be different this year. Watch Our Recent Wingin' It!

Flashback Video:

Video: Escapees Makes Life Easier | Changing Our Domicile

Looking Back At Establishing Our Domicile Through Escapees

Since we took you along to Livingston and Escapees this week, we thought we'd feature another Escapees Flashback. In this video, we share just how easy it was to set up our domicile through Escapees in the early days of our full-time RV adventure. Watch Our Video About Establishing Residency in Livingston, Texas.