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Welcome Back Y'all!

Another week has flown by! Amazing! We hope you are doing okay, especially if you are in the path of one of the storms or wildfires. Overall, it looks like Summer has finally gone on its way. We're definitely looking forward to cooler days. Even though our travel plans have changed multiple times over the past several weeks and months, we have some fun adventures planned to share with you soon. Until then, we hope you enjoy this week's Newsletter...

Our Most Recent Travel Video

RV Life In The Pandemic: 6 Months In | Tips For Traveling Video

RV Life In The Pandemic: 6 Months In | Tips For Traveling

Back in March, as the pandemic made its way across the USA, it was crazy to think that we would still be facing it 6 months later. But here we are. In this video, we talk about the effects that COVID-19 has had on RV travel and share some tips for making travel in the coming weeks and months a bit less stressful. Watch Yesterday's Video.

Our Most Recent LIVE! Video

Friday Night LIVE!

Video Replay: Facebook Friday LIVE! 9/18/2020

In this episode, we talk about places to RV near Cockett TX, some must sees in the Hill Country, and teased a big announcement of something we have coming very soon. We also answered more Posse Members' questions about how we met, home base thoughts and what our future RV plans look like.

If you missed this past Friday's Live Video, You Can Watch It Here! Make sure to Like and Follow Our Facebook Page to see upcoming live video notifications!


RV and Outdoor News

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Airstream Nest Production Halted

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Also Posted Recently

Jarhead and Ginger's Journey to Full Time RV Life Video

An International Journey to Full Time RV Life

In this episode of Wingin' It! With Friends, we introduce you to our friends Scott and Allison, also known as Jarhead and Ginger. They just moved back to the USA after several years of living and working in Japan and are currently houseless as they search for the right RV for them to become full-time RVers. And their full-time RVing dream all started in Japan! Watch This Episode of Wingin' It! With Friends

Other Travel Blogs/Vlogs To Check Out

For more travel inspiration and ideas on places to visit, this is where we feature other travel blogs and vlogs that we are enjoying.

Escapees Blog

Texas Driver's License Requirements for RVers |

Did you know that the RV and tow or towing vehicle you choose determines what type of driver's license you should have? Do you need a special license? What are the requirements and how does your setup fit into them? The Escapees RV Club features a great article that breaks down everything you need to know as a Texas RVer. Y'all know we love our Escapees membership! Click Here to learn more about Escapees or to join! (It's NOT just for full-timers!)... [Learn All About Texas RV Driver's Licenses]

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Until Next Time, Y'all! Safe Travels and Happy Camping!