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Introducing RV America Y'all!

Introducing RV America Y'all
Over the last 10 years, we have loved bringing you content as RV Texas Y'all! And now, it's time to expand on that. Today we're announcing our new website and MORE!... [Check Out Our New Website!]

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Visiting a Seasonal Destination in the Shoulder Season

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 29
Seasonal travel destinations are considered "seasonal" for a reason. So what is it like visiting a traditionally seasonal destination during a shoulder season? What exactly is a shoulder seaon? Were we crazy to visit Northern Michigan in early May?? Listen to this week's episode to find out!... [Listen to Episode 29]

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Hearthside Grove Luxury Motorcoach Resort

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 28
This week we're visiting with brothers Craig Rose and Kirk Rose, the founders of Hearthside Grove Luxury Motorcoach Resort in Petoskey, Michigan. We talk about what it was like growing up in Petoskey, their family history of RVing, and how they evolved from making chocolate and ice cream to building a destination Class A motorcoach resort in their hometown... [Listen to Episode 28]

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The Good and Bad of Summer RV Travel + Tips!

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 27
Traveling by RV during the summer is a tradition for generations of Americans. This week we're talking all about the good and the bad of Summer RV travel, plus we're sharing tips to stay safe and comfortable during the summer months... [Listen to Episode 27]

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The Cajun RV Rally

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 26
This week, we sit down with Don and Sandie Grutzmacher, organizers of the Cajun RV Rally. This rally is held annually in South Louisiana and is a celebration of music, food, culture and all things Cajun. Definitely add this rally to your list of things to do... [Listen to Episode 26]

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Wingin' It With Our Journey in Myles

Wingin' It with Our Journey in Myles
You never know who your neighbors will be in a campground. Recently, we pulled into a campsite next to Mark and Sue from Our Journey in Myles. In this 100th episode of Wingin' It!, they share their full-time RV journey and some things that have surprised them about life on the road... [Watch This Episode of Wingin' It!]

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RVing the National Parks

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 25
Over the years, we've visited several National Parks as well as Monuments, Wildlife Refuges, Seashores,... Sometimes we've camped inside the national park and other times we've stayed at an RV park nearby. This episode is all about RVing the National Parks... [Listen to Episode 25]

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The Challenges of Full Time RVing

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 24
As full-time RVers, we get to experience a seemingly endless stream of beautiful landscapes, interesting places, unique regional flavors and great people. BUT the lifestyle is NOT all rainbows and butterflies... [Listen to Episode 24]

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RVing With Pets

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 23
One of the things we love most about RVing is that we can bring our pets along for the fun. We love having our dog (Star) and our cat (Astro) with us as we travel. But as much as we love them, traveling with pets brings along a unique set of challenges... [Listen to Episode 23]

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RV Life and Social Media

RV Life and Social Media
Social Media has changed a TON since we built our first pages back in 2013. And the past few days have brought some big news to the ever-changing world of social networking relating to the RVing community. That's the topic of this week's Wingin' It... [Watch This Episode of Wingin' It!]

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Expect the Unexpected!

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 22
No matter how much you plan and how perfect the trip looks on paper, sometimes things can and do go wrong. So today we're talking about something that RVing has taught us: Over the years, we've learned to expect the unexpected... [Listen to Episode 22]

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RV Trip Planning

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 21
RV trip planning has become more important over the past several years. In this podcast episode, we share why we plan, how we plan and some of the road trip planning tools that are helpful to us... [Listen to Episode 21]

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2022 Year in Review and 2023 Preview

2022 Year in Review and 2023 Preview
We look back at our travels in 2022, how many miles we traveled, how long we stayed in each place, some of the bucket list items we checked off, and how our 2022 experiences will impact our 2023 travel style as we continue our full time RV adventures... [Watch This Episode of Wingin' It!]

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RV Size Matters

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 20
Big rig, tiny camper, and everything in between, when it comes to RV sizes there is truly something for everyone. But why is it something you should pay attention to? In this podcast episode, we discuss why Size Matters when it comes to RVs!... [Listen to Episode 20]

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2022 Holiday Events Across Texas

Holiday Festivals in Texas
The Holidays are here and so are a LOT of fun events all across the Lone Star State! Light Shows, parades and more: We've listed all that we've found by city/town. Get into the Holiday Spirit with some community fun!... [Check Out Our List of 200+ Holiday Festivals for 2022]

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We Had a Sidewall Blowout On Our Motorhome's Front Tire!

We Had a Front Steer Tire Blowout!
We've all seen the videos of Class A motorhomes cruising down the highway when the unthinkable happens... a front steer tire blows out! Like other RVers, a front tire failure has always been one of our biggest fears. Until now... [Watch the Video and Read the Post]

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November 2022 Festivals and Fairs Across Texas

November Festivals in Texas
Our monthly list of fairs, festivals and fun events relaunches this month! November brings great weather and tons of fun options to Texas. It's a fantastic time to get outside and celebrate food, culture, movies and more... [Check Out Our List of 2022 November Festivals]

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We Dry Camped For 10 Straight Days, Here's What Happened...

Dry Camping for 10 Days
This week we take you along for a day-by-day account of our recent 10-day boondocking adventure. How did it go? What happened? How did our 48-volt lithium and solar system work out? Were we able to run our air conditioners off of our RV's batteries? How did we get fresh water? Where did we find dump stations? We share all of this and more... [Watch the Video and Read the Post]

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Wingin' It With Switch It Up!

Wingin' It With Switch It Up
There aren't many folks out there who have an RV as recognizable as ours. But... then one day in Moab... a big white, green and black rig parked in the site next to us pulled by a big black truck with green accents. And there, on the front of the fifth wheel was the logo... our new neighbors were Todd and Sheila from Switch it Up!... [Watch This Episode of Wingin' It!]

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Wingin' It With Traveling Robert!

Wingin' It With Traveling Robert
One of the things we love most about the RV lifestyle is all of the great people that we meet out on the road. Robert Morales (aka Traveling Robert) is a fellow RVer who we have always hoped to cross paths with. We have watched his YouTube Channel for YEARS and have communicated online, but our paths have never crossed... until now!... [Watch This Episode of Wingin' It!]

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Newmar New Aire vs Tiffin Breeze

Newmar New Aire vs Tiffin Breeze
Ahhh, the age old debates of life: potatoes vs rice, Ford vs Chevy, baseball vs football, Newmar vs Tiffin. Who builds the better motorhome? Who provides better customer service? As folks who have owned and traveled full-time in both a Tiffin motorhome and a Newmar motorhome, we're sharing our opinions on the great Tiffin vs Newmar debate... [Watch the Video and Read the Post]

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Beautiful, Historic Savannah, Georgia

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 19
We're talking about our first trip to Savannah: where we stayed in our RV, what we did while we were there, and how we saved money and found a ton of interesting attractions to visit during our stay. Savannah was so much more than we expected... [Listen to Episode 19]

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Bucket Lists

RV Texas Y'all Podcast Ep 18
When we became full-time RVers, we thought that we would quickly check items off our bucket list. In reality, as we have traveled, our bucket list has grown. In fact, our Bucket List has become a "Barrel List" because our bucket overfloweth... [Listen to Episode 18]

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Newmar New Aire One Year Review

Newmar New Aire One Year Review
Can you believe we've already owned our 2021 Newmar New Aire 3343 for a full year? After living, working and traveling full time in this small Class A diesel motorhome for a year, we've learned a lot about it. So, it's time to share our thoughts on the New Aire... [Watch the Video and Read the Post]

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